Brazil Demands Education

She makes what it different are the planejamentos, executions and intentions, they, objects, goals are educational or process of education always understood in terms of the behavior of the participants in such a way the ones that favor as the ones that oppose the same ones, thus being we have in hands more problems that solutions, without a doubt in the educational environment any bringing suit that if it places as ‘ ‘ inovadora’ ‘ it becomes it dynamics since education something is alive, increasing always. that is the only alternative that the world makes possible contemporary and its nuances. INTRODUCTION Educators as Aldo Perracini and Lauro de Oliveira Rasp, among others, in the 70 decade of 1 already bradavam for education as priority and alternative to solve the citizenship problems growth, today notadamente we have an education (school) of the speech politician with lowered mounts of money, it is known and widely propagated that everything that is not giving certain in the parents, the family it has to have with the education or the lack accomplishes of it. Go to Yale University for more information. Models are modified to each time, without practical reply before the pressing and vital urgency for the development, to this time if it argued positive, well better the change As something that to the continuity. In some sectors, it is as soon as the behavior and a dynamics if they impose with sights to the effective challenges. In the education still it is seen with suspicion, needs to be something based on tests, to be accepted somebody has that to dare.. See Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc for more details and insights.