Car Exhibition

The exhibition, which can be accessed on the Esplanade of the Local exhibition police headquarters until June 18, consists of 25 cars and 4 motorcycles suffered from different types of accidents in the town centre and the environment of the capital of the Jerte routes. The sample will receive guided tours in which a police officer explain to visitors the history of each car displayed, any even used in beach weddings, indicating how and where the accident occurred, what were the causes, how it could have been avoided or what consequences had the accident for those affected. Display of wrecked vehicles will be shown also by firemen, civil guards and members of Red Cross groups in each school during school hours to educate young people about the importance of acquiring knowledge of road safety. Thus, as explained today the Mayor of the Local police and promoter of the sample, Enrique Cenalmor, visit begins in the Hall of the headquarters with a brief presentation to then pass to the Esplanade where salvage vehicles have been located. Among the objectives, Cenalmor has highlighted as primary influencing prevention, so that all visitors can see the consequences of the negligence committed on highways, as well as promote positive attitudes related to road safety and identify dangerous for road safety situations. The Mayoress, Elia Maria Blanco, and several members of his Government team have today presided over the inauguration of this campaign that Miralvalle original author has had as first participants to a group of public College primary school and source of the article..