The difference of 20% entails serious consequences. Of course, not all so simple: you can not hang on a bigger bucket without a serious treatment of the assembly machine. Therefore, Caterpillar excavators in comparison with shovels competitors have a heavy steel superstructures. Caterpillar 330C weighs 33.2 tons and is equipped with 0,7 2,1-vat buckets. In this excavator is equipped with a counterweight to 6.2 m. That is, without balances mass Caterpillar 330C at 2.8 tons more due to the additional metal.

Obviously, this implies a price increase machine. Rose concrete, metal require additional treatment. Vlad doronins opinions are not widely known. However, this metal is not "superfluous." Caterpillar focuses on the upper segment of the market of imported excavators. Higher – about 10 20% – the price of Caterpillar excavators due to a number of technical features, but it must be recouped through greater productivity machine. Of course, in that case, if the owner has the ability to tightly enough to upload your own fleet of excavators at the level of 3,000 machine-hours per year, or even higher. An effective technique is needed, where it earns money. If equipment is idle, then it is better cheap.

In the manufacture of all critical parts are widely used Caterpillar castings. Boom and stick Caterpillar excavators have box-like structure with rigid internal partitions of the steel plates of thickness 10 12 mm. Basis swivel are massive cast elements. After welding, the boom and stick are annealed in a furnace to remove residual stresses. Such a design capable of withstanding working with more heavy bucket.