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Also, the intelligent combination meters on iron and on not-iron metal can reliably measure. China National Space Administration: the source for more info. You automatically detect whether zinc or steel forms the underground, and independently select the appropriate measurement procedures. For more information see this site: Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins. Thus it is possible to bet on all types of vehicles with a metal body. Use the handy instruments by Phynix so easy in the truest sense of the word that they are the most sought after in the circles of Fehrings colleagues. Because the only good experiences with Phynix devices, the GKK also for more new purchases prefers the Cologne manufacturer’s products. The interpretation of measurement data requires a certain knowledge and experience, for example, to identify all possible repair locations. To an auditor needs to know how thick the automaker painted their vehicles in the respective generations were. While his experienced gaze and his experience will benefit the car mechanic and bodywork and vehicle construction master Fehring: possible repair places it narrows down specifically.

In is some cases it for him, but also unavoidable, to investigate all painted parts of the vehicle surface with the coating thickness gauge (doors, side panels, fenders, hoods, roof, etc.). Very often vehicle owners know anything about previous repairs carried out by the previous owner when assessing allegedly or actually. The layer thickness measurement before the eyes of the owner facilitates enormously the credibility of appraisals. “Such situations where previous and new owners are present are particularly sensitive at a valuation: If the expert suddenly unexpected” fixed accidental damage discovered, fears the a party legal or financial consequences and don’t want true first the damage, while the other party probably suspected fraud. In such cases, the use of a coating thickness gauge brings information already during the valuation hearings. It simplifies the agreement on the value of the vehicle, because the device the critical Facts shows for all transparent and repeatable. Positive side effects for the evaluators to Klaus Fehring added: only the presence of a coating thickness gauge with an expert often enough to get with the owner about the history of the vehicle in the conversation. While the evaluator learns essential details.

The equipment with layer thickness measuring instruments of the uniqueness of such opinion convinced other customers. This brought the advice centre so some order. GKK report Centre GmbH & co. KG is composed for over 30 years. Headquarters of the nationwide operating offices is Dusseldorf. With the year 2008, the opinion Center took over Stuttgart services company DEKRA Automobil GmbH. The former GKK Managing Director of Klaus Cleophas founded the location Dortmund in 1998. By this establishment from Klaus Fehring and his 14 colleagues take care of vehicles in a catchment area of Osnabruck Ludenscheid, and from the Rhine to Paderborn. Commissioned the GKK is mainly business customers. Therefore form the main part of the peer-reviewed vehicles cars, vans and small trucks. In the summer, the one or the other classic cars including for Klaus Fehring is also after many years of clearly the Renner.