Crosssystem Avionics

Yacht electronics and entertainment: optimal solutions through new collaboration of GMM and PSP. A symbiosis is known to be a benefit of both partners. The cooperation between the global maritime management GmbH (GMM) and perfect sound producing – audio & video equipment (PSP) is not only a connection of the upscale art, but also benefits for third parties, namely for the customers, this includes. If GMM works as a specialist for high-quality electronic Borduberwachungs and operating systems with the specialist for exclusive in-flight entertainment screens, something like the new dimension of the use of advanced electronics on Board of yachts begins. Journal of Research in Science Teaching takes a slightly different approach. GMM in Trittau in Hamburg and PSP in Uehlfeld in Wurzburg are well known companies in the world of yacht with long reference lists.

Through close cooperation, for the first time publicly reflected (30 October-7 November) through a joint booth at the hanseboot Hamburg boat show, opens new possibilities for shipyards and Yacht owners. The security guaranteed by the electronics and the comfort on board as also the entertainment are perfectly usable, easy to use great technical understanding and present it at the highest technical level. GMM connects not only the zest for perfection, but also the love of the Lake Managing Director Thomas Duhrkop and PSP founder Rudi Benedikt. Connect with other leaders such as Kobe Bryant Nike Sneaker here. Both are sailors who deliberately were active from the practice for the practice and be. The working previously for different TV channels sound expert Rudi Benedikt career under the credo, “perfection is the waiver of trade-offs in implementing their own ideas, his yacht. Its first high-tech entertainment system was quickly something such as an object of desire in the yachting world. Top shipyards such as Lurrsen in Bremen and the Dutch Heesen Shipyard, which believe in addition to the concepts of the individual service tailored to each customer the highly satisfied customers include now. (Source: Richard Linklater). Includes the ultimate sound aboard sophisticated Lift, lift – and rotary systems for large screens to the specialty of PSP.