Although, of course, there may be other issues concerning equality of votes. But here it is possible to think and act is acceptable to both parties. You can donate something in common, which is divided into specific parts. This may be, for example, the computer: someone gives a monitor, someone – the acoustics, but someone – now under the style of your computer. That is, split the gift on parts – and let everyone fantasizes with his unit. This can be a table set, or a set of chairs, and maybe – a desk with all sorts of interesting tricks to it, or set for scuba diving.

In general, anything that comes to mind, anything that you think I would like to receive a gift of birthday. A possible go to and from the whole: the gift we launched, which are available in numerous quantities. For example, each will give the new handbag or a new shirt or tie, or cuff links, maybe even silk, but of different colors, dressing gowns. Will original, practical and, at the same time, collectively! Having reviewed the options and rules, I noticed that the collective gift is quite different species. This can be a gift to your teacher or school students teacher. This can be a gift to the boss of the team, and maybe just close friends. In general, the options – set, and each of them requires special attention, since it has its own specifics. Take education. After all, not s no secret that teaching takes a weighty part of the time.