Gilbert Chesterton: This is the only eternal education: be quite sure of one thing, for daring to tell a child. Chinese proverb: If the student does not surpass the teacher, nor is good student; the teacher is not good. By: Alejandro Teresa Martinez my dear Professor, that day her eyes were not green as it liked to see them but reds, as the qualifications of our newsletters. They were repainted notes with outrageous color of blood and that coupled with his big love and well cloaked towards students of third B was the reason for their anger. You us shouted as he didn’t hear her tell us in a loud tone: because of that damn world will lose the year, idiots! remember, Lucy breast? That twenty years ago, our geography and history professor was absolutely right, we were losing the year because of the Argentina 78 World Cup. Even women, who the football, didn’t like were losing year. As they have come and gone global and the temperature of the planet have risen again by these days because of the painless fever that starts in a green rectangle called golf game and spreads everywhere across a box with screen call TV, I decided to come again to this old and ailing classroom where they are still the desks, boards and pintorreadas walls of rude notices alluding to everyone. Desks, boards, walls and notices testify without knowing it the turbulent passage of adolescence and adolescents.The ghost of Aubint Guarnizo with his backpack full of old chewing gum that will rest on the hair of the colleague who is neglected or on the rear of the teachers round out there. I think having also seen the shadow of La Puya Martinez a good project of person whose main interests were football and escape from classes. The first thing was almost always a stimulus for the second.