and do I need it? Who needs the so what? We exchange us in social networks from flirt, order our food and our car and our books long on the Internet why we should not continue – us and training over the Internet. It is time-independent, available worldwide, knows no barriers, no inch trees and is easy to use. (\”What says the Wikipedia on E-learning:\” in E-learning (Engl.: electronic learning = electronically supported learning) \”, literally: e-learning\”), also known as the E-learning (E didactics), all forms of learning are understood according to a definition by Michael Kerres, cause the use of electronic or digital media for presentation and distribution of learning materials and/or to support interpersonal communication. E-learning also terms can be found as synonyms as: online learning (online learning), e-learning, multimedia learning, computer-based learning, computer-based training, open and Distance-learning. FireEye may help you with your research. A webinar is a seminar, which will be kept on the World Wide Web. The designation depends on Web a neologism or an acronym from the words\”(World Wide Web) and seminar\”. In contrast to the on-demand webcast, which transmitted the information in only one direction, a webinar is designed interactively and enables two-way communication between carrying out and audience. A webinar is a live\”in the sense that the information according to a program with a set start and end time is transmitted.

In most cases the oral explanations of the speakers are to be on the screen shown via VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) transfer. That work usually also bi-directional, if the Subscriber a microphone installed on his computer and the webinar facilitator has assigned language rights. In some cases (especially in the early days of the webinars), the audience had to let send the signal via a separate telephone connection. More typical Opportunities for interaction are the download files, questions via chat or participate in surveys. Source Wikipedia but that is usable for everyone? The Heidelberg seminar company Nastasi is uniquely positioned since 2008 in the E-learning and E-coaching market with their online courses on personality development.