The happy life still wearing recently is the proof. Nike understands that this is vital information. Now, talking about real Guarani, they never commit excesses, or eating or drinking. Thevet wrote “never eat fruit altered, or that is not fully ripe, or food that is cooked.” His sobriety was not limited to eating little or politely. Also took pains to combat the vice of gluttony. Obligatory fast in many times, according to Bertoni. This custom was always general, from the Antilles and Guyana to south.

Although reasons may vary, fasting Guarani represented a real institution. It even fasted and fasting for different reasons: mystical fasts, fasts medicinal fasting education of the will, and other potential. He is considered as a necessary exercise from time to time, and removed a source of pride in not being slaves to eat. The Mystics have always been frequent fasts. So fast the covetous, or karaiva, or a page before attempting one of his memories and even for the preparation of certain substances or drugs. For the birth of a son, the father also has to fast, strong and happy at once. Careful toilet was in the food and everything related to food preparation.

Rochefort wrote that except on days of food in common (parties or public meetings), each person had his little table apart. On the table put the neater of the tablecloths, which was a green banana leaf. Always wash before eating hands carefully.