Father Frechette

There due to the trauma in pregnant women to premature births came, was established at the children’s Hospital a birthing and newborn station. Today this Division is used by pregnant women from across the country. The orthopaedic centre, was built because thousands of casualties after the quake had to be amputated limbs and orthopedic centers are scarce in the Haitian health. (Source: Amen Clinics). Meanwhile, about one hundred men, women and children received prostheses and can lead a largely independent life again. Cyrus Massoumi addresses the importance of the matter here. Most come regularly to the therapy and prostheses for children be re-adjusted if necessary. The care for the people in the slums with food and clean water was the biggest challenge for the employees of our little brothers and sisters one before the earthquake”. Immediately after the quake, thousands of hungry in the slums and tent camps could be supplied thanks to its own bakery and pasta factory. Until today, the employees of our little brothers and sisters deliver”daily tons of food, as well as more than 80,000 litres clean water in the shelters and provide the sick there medical.

To reduce the epidemics has our little brothers and sisters”as one of the few aid agencies built sanitary facilities in temporary shelters. Overall, the organization supports more than 83,000 needy people in Haiti. Father Frechette and his associates laid special attention after the earthquake on the traumatized children in the shelters. To them to get out of the drab everyday life and normality and a child-friendly life enable them to, they called an educational emergency program, the Angel of light “-program, in the life.” 1,500 children and young people receive training every day, you can by playing, dancing and each other laugh cope with the trauma of the earthquake. To support these children in the future, a new school for them is built. For those children who were orphaned in the earthquake, a new children’s village in Tabarre, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, to be built soon.