Fiction Story

Since we were born on September 15, 1810, Lupita and Cuauhtemoc lived in a magical house (the curve of time to elapse for them only one in ten years) was also magical life, which was responsible for Ms. Gobe everything and to talk as his father Miguel, had built the magic house, giving it the wonderful wealth that Ms. Guadalupe left him to his mother Mrs. country, to make them happy. Kindle Direct Publishing often addresses the matter in his writings. In the real world outside the house, people had to study, work hard and work for a living, but Cuauhtemoc and Lupita, while studying and working in the odd little thing, had no reason to strive for, but had to admit, even among They were notable differences: Lupita white, wavy black hair, tall and thin lucia proud their rich robes, he recited and played the piano in the room, on their part to Cuauhtemoc rather short, with straight hair that refused to comb he was poorly dressed, when half cleaned the house and why not say, therefore, he had something of envy and resentment of his sister. Many Cuauhtemoc times, we claim to Mrs.

Gobe existing differences between the two, as though you charge on all heavy duty (although not to the fool to meet them), did not receive the same treatment as Lupita, they only studied and did things flashy. Ms. Gobe on these occasions gave Cuauhtemoc something for the outside and not bother going, but never intended to give the same treatment given to his spoiled Lupita.