Gerhard Wiesmteh

While the dog obediently to the edge of the action provides, he sets this already the foundations for later issue or misconduct at his animal. As a puppy by others is roughshod even rushed and tweaked. Other puppies that are already somewhat uncertain or sensitive, apathetic withdraw into a corner and man are waiting for the redemption by the leader of the Pack. Individual animals control the situation, unenlist infighting and behave according to the breed-specific property or already learned behavior more or less aggressive. Or thought the Growl when puppies was another than in adult animals? Demonstrably, 77% of all dogs have developed up to 2 years remains unremedied or problem behavior, what cause stems from uncontrolled Welp playgroups here.

Probably noticed we are talking here of puppy play groups, not by guided and controlled Welp early education. In addition you should consider, that there are not such in nature. Puppy of pack of foreign not play, the protection and survival of the own herd is genetically anchored, foreign Animals, particularly puppies would be expelled or killed. The term used often as an excuse puppy protection”is an invention of man. Rely more resembles a game of chance. Certainly not there nothing in nature like, at predators.

Apart from the fact, that socialization not kind, but the social partners man must take place, puppies learn everything necessary already in the own Pack with its own Pack members in conjunction with the mother as the regulating unit. Various environmental stimuli, attachment to people, security and clear leadership by the people are what your puppy but necessarily, should learn. Also controlled meetings with adult conspecifics, of which he can learn something! This is useful and contributes to a balanced life of well socialized puppy. Has your puppy experience already negative in Welp playgroups? With luck, he has made no lasting damage from this time. Take off the pink red glasses. There is no possible better phase, positively influence the development of your dog! Be accountable for you and your four-legged friend and not leave him with kind alone. You would with stronger, bigger and older children putting your child in a Pulk also out of control and idly when a brawl just because a teacher tells you that must make among themselves”. We recommend groups for puppies, where the courses are run controlled and in which dog and dog owner act together by dog worlds. The number of participants in such courses shall be limited to 2 up to a maximum of 4 dogs and their holders. Here are accustomed to puppies meaningful to your environment and the daily to true environmental influences. Dog and dog owners learn the proper lines between already, it is practiced in various places and an adult, well socialized dog is integrated. It is therefore to prepare the puppy with his people and not primarily with strangers on the really important things in his later life Conspecifics. If you now keep flashback and look more closely at the faulty or problem behavior of your dog, you might that the current aggression of your dog against conspecifics hence, that your dog was treated at that time in the Wallace game group of other puppies is striking. As you but then alone have left him with the problem, because a coach has forbidden you to go between them you may not be surprised if your dog also today independently regulates these things without you. Gerhard Wiesmteh