German Abitur

The TMS test is to suitable students fltern the conditions of admission for the Bachelor are in the coming years in Germany is not changed! The restrictions will remain. The Numerus clausus for medical however some challenges with it. A major point of criticism is the poor validity of the grade average in high school about the competence of medical profession. Also many students don’t realize at a young age yet that she would later study medicine. What to do if the grade average in high school is bad? Participation in the medical test in many medical schools in Germany to get a place on the selection process of the universities (AdH) it is possible.

The same selection process can be sealed by hand by each University. At many universities admission test is used the medicine to give the applicants an option, to improve their opportunities cut. University of Cambridge might disagree with that approach. If you’re attempting to among the top 5%, is this the grade average in high school to improve up to 0.8. More information is housed here: University of Cambridge. Deteriorate can not be with a below-average score, it makes sense to join in any case. Preparation for the TMS who wants to correct his grade point average at the ABI with the TMS test 2013, which is flooded with a huge range of preparation materials. The TMS checks cognitive abilities such as memory, spatial sense or ability to concentrate.

They are trainable to a certain extent. However, patience is required. Many applicants can visit one of the overpriced preparatory seminars, the costs of which are between 400 and 1000 euros. An independent training is more economical but with certainty. The learning platform StudyMed offers a perfect course to prepare for the medical test. Currently, any user can learn a whole test simulation on his own body to determine its current status. Many training tasks are made available for the practice of each sub test. Specially developed solution strategies can also on the basis of Tutorials are learned and optimized. About the personal learning statistics can check every user how the learning process has changed and can thoroughly check which in tests, he has still need to catch up. Medicine study abroad in countries like Austria or Hungary is just as possible to start studying medicine with a German Abitur. In Austria, a certain grade average for an assumption is necessary, yet the places a medical test will be awarded. In the year 2013, a new medical entrance test for the study of human medicine is used in Austria. Those called for John H medicine and dentistry John Z. 20 Percent of students admitted are awarded each year at the latency rate waiting semester quota. However 14 waiting semester calculates now already with a baccalaureat section 2.2 about. Who wants to wait that long and may, who has a place to get then nevertheless good chances.