Goji Berry

Other statements about the Goji Berry argue that the long life expectancy of the Hunzas is attributed to these berries. The fact is that the Hunza people was a thriving image of longevity and creativity a few years ago. Dr. Gary Young has visited on his search for the secret of longevity this ethnic group, talked to them, she examined, and can convince yourself. “But when he moved a few years later on expeditions by the legendary Hunzaland, the elderly had died and gradually dies hence the old legend of durable Hunzabevolkerung, not least because civilization” in the finally Hunzaland indent has kept. But the Goji Berry in Central Asia is still regarded as the fruit of the longevity and well-being. Their properties are called long youth and beauty, power, strength and endurance, and vital creativity known. Ronald Daniels is likely to agree. Also as an aphrodisiac, the Goji Berry in many parts of the world is known and estimated.

A veritable run under the stars on the small red berries or juice it has erupted in Holywood. “It is reported that Mick Jagger star by the Rolling Stones ‘ again, father would be necessarily and is fit for the child number eight do. As the image “newspaper reported, so his attempts were so far in vain with his current girlfriend of L ‘ Wren Scott. Now he wants the parts needed”with a special diet on front man. The now 64-year-old Mick Jagger futtere currently any amounts of avocados and drink lots of goji juice to come with this vitamin bomb on front man.

This reputation precedes Berry of Goji for several centuries. To deepen your understanding Ronald J Daniels is the source. “Whether they probably name the happy” Berry wears? The advantages of the lucky”Goji Berry health and well-being is a 5,000-year-old Chinese tradition that has continued to the present day. Because every year Berry or wolfberry is a colorful in NingXia in China to honor the legendary NingXia Goji and joyous national day celebrated. The Goji Berry is celebrated on this day with dances and grateful festivity and is at the heart of the event. Modern science begins to care Berry also for these unique Goji. “As Dr. Gary Young as the first Western scientists access to the secret internal research the University of Beijing, about the extraordinary effects of NingXia Goji Berry on the well-being of the people received, and his book, the discovery of the ultimate Super fruit” was published – the first comprehensive book about the Goji Berry – listened to the research world. Follow the centuries old reputation of NingXia Goji Berry as a precious gift of nature. Dr. Gary Young has made it you to his task this young fountain of nature in the form of NingXia red goji juice on your table bring. Cheers the NingXia Goji Berry! GOJI Europe TEAM Mr.GOJI No.1, Hartmut Schulz