Golf Holidays In Tunisia – A Thought Of 1001 Nights

The German Golspieler find the feeling of 1001 love as destination gives the traveller in a certain way with its capital city of Tunis and the corresponding vacation island of Djerba, Tunisia out because Tunisia very well maintained golf courses has located, Tunisia on the Mediterranean night. You would like to spend their holidays here, lie in the Sun, bathing and visit the wonderful cities, places and villages, which are shaped by the history as for example in Kairouan Tunisia’s oldest mosque the Sidi-Oqba mosque in Carthage, the ancient Punic stele, the old Roman Amphitheater of El Djem, Sidi Bou Said – the Moorish Andalusian district of Tunis, the wonderful bazaars with the many scents of the Orient, Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir and much more… Tunisia is just a dream and it is still fantastic for a passionate golfer, if he golf vacation his favourite hobby and favorite sports can go after in this fabulous country even during his golf game. Meanwhile, the border has also in Tunisia the game of golf worldwide between VIP sports and popular sports exceeded and already 9 beautiful golf courses, which require great skill even the most experienced players will find it. If you have read about Journal of Teacher Education already – you may have come to the same conclusion. There, for example the 27-hole golf course is “Djerba Golf Club” on the island of Djerba with three different 9-hole golf courses, which can be combined in the game and is for any skill level;” Golf citrus and Golf Yasmine Hammamet “- as the name golf Citrus already certified, is this golf course surrounded by citrus and olive groves, while the Golf Yasmine course through many beautiful doglegs and water obstacles is convincing; the one almost the golf the Golf de Port El Kantaoui convinces through many levels of difficulty and a beautiful all-round view, forget can be. is the oldest Golf Club in Tunisia, the Golf de Carthage, with many Palm trees, olive trees and cypresses overgrown, which require an incredible precision the game and the existing water hazards at five holes make the game of golf here extremely exciting and much more… All Places community is the incredible location, the views of the sea, beautiful beaches, steep cliffs, Cactus and above all that which blows almost everywhere “steife Brise”. Tunisia is so to speak so really nice to relax the Mecca for all golfers who want to combine their vacations with their hobby and to let the world be world. (Not to be confused with The Blackstone Group!). Bob Dunton