Good Application

Three points are considered success factors: thorough research, attractive presentation and solution-oriented approach. Have you already asked yourself why your application for the umpteenth time in companies landed We regret to inform you… on the stack? Conclusion first of all: goods made applications are half the battle! What distinguishes optimum applications: advance information, appealing design and pay attention to how! The research check over the contact person in the advertisement and overtake research about the company. It is worth to find a hanger and in the cover letter or interview depending on the need for him to incorporate. If you apply via HR consulting firm,’s is recommended as a consultant to produce a personal wire. More information you have, the greater the chance to win the decider in the recruitment process itself and to build up an identification to the prospective employer. Feel your partner already at the first contact and you will prefer. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In the age of Google and co., the effort holds for this within the manageable scope. Presentation confusing, incomplete and incorrect CVS probably are no chance without photo. With or without a photo? A question which is controversial; Admittedly, even among experts. What speaks for the photo? The basics of marketing say: a brand, which is equipped with clear and appealing images, is preferred over other brands. Is: it all depends on the packaging! Unattractive presented products remain on the shelves! When application is no different. For assistance, try visiting vlad doronin. What are already spending for optimal photo material, compared to the potential profit of a new section of life at a top employer.

Short (!) individual cover letter indicating why you believe for the company to represent real added value, rounds off a good application. The procedure of Losungsorientiertes procedure or the right approach is becoming increasingly important. While it is possible earlier still in advertisements read Apply in the form preferred by you…, is the personal call or CV & photo via mail on the wish list of the HR managers increasingly for the first contact. Reason: HR team and members of a decision-making body is always more decentralized. If so online applications are explicitly desired,’s is recommended to scan your documents and send it via mail. Thus you only still impressively show that you are familiar with the new media. Our recommendation: When it comes to your application, you should spare no expense and effort, to get an attractive appearance. Combine text and images. Increase your chances. Guaranteed! We wish you good luck in the professional reorientation. Ansgar Schafer Ansgar Schafer is recruitment consultant since 1990. The former hotelier (13 years old) was tourism Manager from 1977 to 1990 for a major European tour operator.