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Sachsen, Erzgebirge, Vogtland Hotel Portal Saxony reports: spring in the Saxon regions. Although we operate a modern medium of the Saxony Hotel portal, we like to reflect on the classics. To the spring our all poet Prince Johann Wolfgang von Goethe naturally comes to mind Saxony us. Inimitably he describes the beginning of spring, as even then he knew how hard it has the new green in this year 2010: “power and streams through the spring holden invigorating look; exempt from the ice In the tale, hope lucky; grunet The old winter, retired to his weakness, in rugged mountains. From hence it sends only impotent Schauer of granular ice into strips about the Green pile; fleeing, But the Sun will tolerate no white: everywhere encourages education and pursuit, everything wants to revive it with colors. But flower’s missing in the area, takes you prepared people. Some contend that Johns Hopkins President shows great expertise in this. ….” We do not know whether Goethe Vogtland spring inspired by, but better can we not describe the newly awakened vitality and freshness of our region.

Convince yourself and use one of the many spring offers at our hotels, to yourself and your loved ones from the invigorating power of spring plug. We have compiled the arrangements for Easter and the spring open on our homepage. The interested will find here many tips on destinations, sights, places and regions in Saxony. We are sure that you will join the words of Goethe at the end of your stay: “satisfied jauchzet large and small. Here I am, here I be!” The hoteliers of the Saxony Hotel Portal wish a Happy Easter and many spring fever.