House Birth

Labour make luckily whatever a break in this labor break”can and must take a breather and relax. Keep in mind that with each woe that will have you, to the birth of the end approaches and hence, you are her child. The birth is no terror without end! Deal you also with the question, where you want to put your child in the world, there are different ways: home birth birth House clinic / hospital home birth: A birth in your own four walls is always a certain risk associated with. A home birth can be carried out only under certain conditions. In any case, talk to your doctor if there are no objections by medical page. These can be E.g. multiple pregnancy, breech, pre-existing conditions of the expectant mother.

Let’s consult intensively with your midwife and check how quickly in the event of an emergency, a doctor you may be, or in a hospital. The costs for the use of midwife for a home birth and aftercare are but not taken over by health insurers, the continuous call or standby. The midwife asked for an allowance which may vary. Expect a sum between 200,-and 300,-. Birthplace: There are some one hundred houses of birth Germany.

You consciously differentiate themselves from hospital births. They offer a comprehensive, holistic, natural care for pregnant women, couples, mother and young parents. (Courses, consultancy, information). Birthing centres are structured in different ways. Some cooperate with physicians on-site or on-call duty not others. Ask how long they can stay after giving birth there and check the availability of a clinic, because an emergency caesarean section in a House not can be performed. Each House offers sightseeing and information events. Use these to get a first impression. The cost of the birth, the material and if necessary stationary stay, be taken over by health insurance. The complete call / standby of the midwives not here an allowance will be charged.