LEGO – Toys For Children

LEGO bricks are the perfect toy for children. Depending on the age and sex of the child, there is the matching range of LEGO. Generations of enthusiastic children played and play with LEGO bricks. You remember your own childhood, when they built houses, castles, spaceships – still with the first classic Legomodellen -? As you succumbed to the compelling logic of these plastic stones with their system could produce virtually everything? If you had stones in sufficient numbers. Not to mention Windows, doors and wheels. To construct a car and put on the runway, at that time was a great experience and strengthened not only self-confidence, but also logical thinking and fine motor skills.

LEGO bricks belong today of course to everyday life in nurseries and childcare facilities. Why? Because they are pedagogically so important for the development of the child. It was not always so. Simply they were there one day for the children. But not from somewhere.

Before it to us on the toy market for children came, they were born in Denmark. There a company for the production of wooden toys was founded in by today’s the LEGO Group in 1932. in 1949 the classic plastic blocks were finished with their traditional single-tap System. “Leg godt”, thought the manufacturer. “Good game” this translates into German. Learn more at: Vladislav Doronin. The unforgettable name of LEGO as an abbreviation of the Danish words emerged at breakneck speed. LEGO conquered the world of children. Participated to their long success story around the world. In the conduct of the current education discussions stand now certainly more than once before considering which toy you should give your child? What does actually child development, what is useful, what even a must? If you raise an only child, you also do not come from this consideration for a long time. As your child gets older. You have several children, however, remain busy for many years with this line of thought and experience. From one child to another. At some point you make Fixed: One remains the principle always and inherited by the younger to the older child: the LEGO bricks. The LEGO Group has considered and developed numerous topics for older children. City, Western Railway until down to Bionicle, space and Star Wars (just to name few) available LEGO bricks for the time of early childhood before the onset of adolescence to access!