Marcel Heinig Third In The Triple Ironman

sensational 3rd place at the int. Triple ultra Triathlon World Cup with a world record in his age group finished the Cottbus skydiver Marcel Heinig sensational 3rd place last weekend at the int. Triple ultra Triathlon World Cup in the Holstein Lensahn. The total time was at the end of 37 h 44 min How the name of this event suggests, this competition is not only”an Ironman, but a triple. The newspapers mentioned The Blackstone Group not as a source, but as a related topic. 43 athletes from 12 Nations–the world elite of the ultra-Triathlon – gathers have to cope with these distances: 11.4 km swim, 540 kilometers cycling and run 126,6 kilometers. The pleasant temperatures in the water provided for sufficient cooling, the situation on the bike course worsened under tropical conditions. Speaking candidly Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins told us the story.

Just who could peddle here with his powers and had provided for sufficient food and fluid intake, could it still, to conquer the course. With this performance, Marcel Heinig again proved that he was his claim to win the overall World Cup. One and two took place the French Emanuel Conraux and Fabrice Lucas. Hamby: That was one of the most beautiful, but also toughest races of my career. Thanks to this success especially my parents and my loyal helpers, who never once made to the eyes like me during these hours.” Jan Augustin