Marina Floor

Dry screed customer feedback. I'm long overdue repairs. We live on the first floor, and here, of course, all the charm: the moisture and rodents (which just got over the winter!). Grandmother with children had to send to relatives. The most fundamental in all of this disaster was, of course, sex, and I am nothing, except for cement screed, and did not know. As in cases of repair, I open a layman (I know only as wallpaper paste), and this back-breaking women's shoulders work formed exactly on my shoulders, had to sit down with the Internet and understand science. And oh, horror! After describing the technology were possible – 30-45 days of drying! Children with the grandmother has begged to be home, and my outlook a tightening of repair in the room 8 sq.m. 2 months is not very suited.

Rescued our indispensable Internet. Along with the 'wet' screed was information and a 'dry' screed, which is in no way inferior to the stability of 'wet' – 500 kg per 1 square meter, but the essence – laying gypsum sheets. But most importantly – no drying! I called, got the right information, make an appointment. All the work took 5 hours. The result exceeded all my expectations – this ideal of Paul I have not seen! Some time was frightened in the light … Yes, professionalism, as they say, is obvious. Nothing to say and nothing to add. Masters of high-class! Work – oh well, very happy! Holmurodova Marina, Podolsk district, pos. Maple dry screed feedback from the site 'repair the floor. " Article useful for those looking for information on the Internet at the request of: dry screed flooring gypsum fiber board, Knauf sex, sex Knauf, repair replacement of floors, repairing the floor in the Khrushchev, repair floor repair floor is dry coupler, the repairman floors, repairing the floor in an apartment