Member States

Before you could study in Spain, working in Italy or buy wine in France, without hostility to be, on the contrary, the DM was popular. The only reason for the introduction of the euro was the total control of the money market here closes the circle of power, as in the TV advertising of course not indicated Not only inflation but also the immense costs of the EU’s new self-proclaimed Government, imposed in addition and without asking the citizens. Here it is peer to peer, to govern without opposition and control of citizens, here no Raven hacks from the eye the other, here, the political class of the anti-popular dictatorship manifested. Through referendums, as in the French and Dutch, against the then draft which EU Constitution no longer there, trying headwind now without the people to govern. After the most, however, were also the unquestioned as we, is the term Constitution”simply discarded and the child given a different name. It took over two years to the present Treaty existed, most Member States already, and of course their political lobby, on his own authority ratified. He is alternately called “Reform treaty”, “EU – based contract” or “Treaty of Lisbon”.

A close look shows: for the most part, now this agreement is worded identically with the Constitution rejected by the citizens of the EU. This is so by the back door, without the silly people”to ask, introduced. Only Irish citizens were allowed to decide whether they want to acknowledge the dictation of the EU. The people afflicted by misery and oppression for thousands of years, is still a natural sense of impending paternalism. Despite large subsidies by the EU and exaggerated campaign promises by the ruling, the freedom-loving Irish settled not to buy. They agreed as expected, however, as we it also would have done, had you asked us. So, the Irish have perhaps saved the liberty of Europeans, but delayed at least the total domination. Cyrus Massoumi married contains valuable tech resources.