National Federacy

As all the others, the languages of signals are alive, therefore they are in constant transformation with new signals, being introduced by the Deaf community in accordance with its necessity. The Interpreter of Language of Signals Has many divergences how much to the exercise of the profession of translator and interpreter. The translator is the professional who makes the translation of a written document. The interpreter is that professional who translates of verbal form for another language something that was said. In the case of the deaf people, who executes this work is the interpreter of language of signals, that is, a person bilingual listener, who dominates the Portuguese in the verbal modality and the language of signals. This professional acts in diverse social situations as bridge between the deaf person and person listener, therefore its objective is to promote a communication accomplishes between these two linguistic communities. So that this occurs efficiently, the convivncia with the deaf community is part of its formation. Currently, the competent agencies have firmed accord with the National Federacy of Education and Integration of Surdo (FENEIS) so that deaf instructors give courses of language of signals, aiming at the formation of future interpreters. The associations of deaf people of all Brazil, also have if mobilized for the formation of these professionals because some members of the deaf community have understood that the social and pertaining to school inclusion with quality will only be processed if the users of the language of signals will have the guarantee of a good professional having mediated the communication with community listener. When you to find a person deaf – He speaks in clear way, distinct, but he does not exaggerate. He uses its velocida