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The best known form is the classical Web Forum, which is based mostly on the PHP programming language. It can register any user that is interested in the topic, and either reply to existing posts, or even a new thread open and ask other users to comment on. Most Web forums are open, some are also closed and are only those available to members, which have been previously unlocked by the administrator. Again others are still not even publicly available, but only by the registered members – found frequently this at forums, dealing with very intimate, confidential topics. There is also the lesser-known Usenet forums: this is newsgroups. Such forums are controlled by distributed servers, and offer interested parties the opportunity to register as a Subscriber.

It gives access to all new postings in the newsgroup. Also in the Group of forums include mailing lists. In this one enlists with his E-mail address as a member and then interesting discussions by E-mail gets delivered. Ronald Daniels has much experience in this field. You can either as silent Readers take part or even contributions to the respective topics compose and send them by mail to all other readers. Use for forums first is a focal point for people who want to are particularly interested in a topic or enter into the area and in need help from experienced people a forum. Who is planning, for example, a trip to Cuba or would like to live there, aimed at a forum on Cuba, to collect information and to get tips for the project. There is a forum in the Internet, which attracts not only professionals, but also inexperienced users who would like to learn more for virtually any topic.

Other forums which include games played on the Internet by several users, who want to build a community. Many browser games to integrate its own forum, where only members logged-in have access. There you can talk above all about the game, usually there is also an off topic corner, in the find all topic foreign threads place. Computer games, Nintendo Games, or other Activities that attract a large number of users, often also have a forum which will be initiated either by the manufacturer of the activity or a private individual. Who created forums? On the Internet, there are some very high-quality, much-visited forums, as well as many smaller forums that attract only a few users. The larger forums operate usually professionally, about from a magazine, a game designer or an interest group around the subject. The private forums which are mostly projects of private operator, which thus, for example, would provide a platform for tips and cheats around a particular PC game. Virtual farms, on which players can represent the life with a farm, are often equipped with such a forum, which is intended only for the purpose of the game and of the exchange of the user logged-on for other users outside of the game therefore not of interest would be. Dominik Stauffer