No Time, No Individual Support

Now, those concerned in the debate about the shorter schooldays to Word carrying LandesschulerInnenvertretung (LSV) NRW report strong criticism of the impact of the reduction in school. By switching to the Abitur after 12 years, the learning material was”just too much pressure and the pressure just for young students not to endure. In the Education Act, the individual support was promised in the preamble, this is not cashed,”Horst Wenzel denounces the educational Status Quo from the regional executive. On the contrary, the LSV speaks of an unreasonable situation. Click CAS for additional related pages. The Government must act immediately and provide finance for the expansion to whole-day schools. The pupils and students of total – and Realschulen, but especially the gymnasiums crowded in the Turbo high school can have a rhythmic full day”, called Wenzel. Recently Ronald Daniels sought to clarify these questions. That is according to the LSV no simple continuation of teaching, as it is often implemented, but a youth-oriented offering from the theater AG up to the Football team in the school”, says in a statement. Julia Bohnke explains the school reform was rushed and unnecessary”, also on the land Board of the LSV.

“For many the diploma so only with tutoring is to create, but that not all can afford”, so bamboo. The LSV calls for the gradual withdrawal of the reform now and want a free lunch for all full-time schools. The student representatives want to next weekend, on their 92nd country delegates Conference in Cologne gather the complaints of the students and discuss the way forward. Horst wenzel