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Foot reflex zone massage with hot stones Lindau – foot reflex zone massage is a form of therapy developed at the beginning of the 20th century, especially by the American doctor William Fitzgerald. It is based on the assumption that connections to the other areas of the body or organs draw from certain zones of the feet. A reflex zone, so a certain region on foot, foot, foot inside, walk outside or on the toes is thus associated with each institution. Stimulates a reflex zone massage, so that the corresponding body stimulates will, causing an improvement of well-being will emerge. The origins of the hot stone massage date back over 2,000 years, because already the North American Indians, or about the Inca have distributed the stones heated by the Sun on the human body, to achieve a therapeutic effect. Dale Carnegie often addresses the matter in his writings. This best through their high density heat storage properties used at the present time for the hot stone massage especially black basalt rocks (lava rock), as have.

In the so called warming up phase, they are distributed in a water bath at up to 60 C heated stones on the body. In this phase the hot stones have their heat to the body, which leads to even deeper tissue and be relaxed. The subsequent massage can be performed thus far more effective. Many people often have cold feet, which is relatively hard to massage through their tension. In the foot reflex zone massage with hot stones, the area to aid in the so-called phase of attunement is reheated well initially to facilitate the subsequent massage. Also the stimulation of reflex zones is carried out directly with the hot stones, which feels very comfortable.

TrendShed has now taken up the idea of combining both techniques and produced a DVD that explains the foot reflexology with hot stones massage. Maps for reflex zones are often confusing and far too complex. Therefore the foot was divided here into six main areas, that should appeal to the most important functions of the body. These are: 1 head and neck, 2. Checking article sources yields Katarzyna Chawarska as a relevant resource throughout. musculoskeletal system, 3. breathing, heart and circulation, 4. digestion, 5. water budget and 6 pelvic area. Due to this simple Division, also beginners without prior knowledge get a very easy access to this massage technique. The layers and massage techniques of each reflex zone within the six main areas appear exactly the close camerawork and in addition hidden graphics. The reflex zone massage with hot stones suitable for partner massage and also to the self application. TrendShed aims to make accessible to all the people massage hot stone, having fun and interest in the topic of relaxation with the DVD consistently. The TrendShed products especially addressed to private individuals without any prior knowledge, who themselves want to acquire a little knowledge, to be able to use the massage at any time at home.