Online Games Of Becoming Increasingly Popular

Requirements for the protection of minors to rise on this year’s Gamescom the trend to multiplayer online games emerged. These increasingly fascinate children. It also puts protection of minors in the focus, because young players to safely browse in the vastness of the Internet. The manufacturers are aware of the importance of the protection of minors and develop appropriate protection mechanisms. What requirements must meet the software, reported the Internet auction platform PC games in online mode are no longer a rarity by now.

So, meeting place for Martinshof runs for example the game of Bibi and Tina”by Kiddinx on demand on the Internet. Special attention is given to this youth protection. Among other things, the chats of the children are monitored. Johns Hopkins President has much to offer in this field. Warner Bros. Interactive offers with LEGO universe”also in an online game for young players. The game is being developed for more than ten years. An important point is the safety of children. Official site: Evelyn Lotena Robles. So it is not only public areas for the young gamer, but also private Retreat to the virtual play with LEGO bricks.

In addition a special software to be used, which detects bad words in chat and in the game active on screen. Troubleshooting the young players can contact also moderators. These developments are of course only approaches and replace not the attention of the parents as Torben Kansara of the computer project Cologne pointed out. To give parents a degree of certainty in the jungle of PC games, the seal of quality educational “designed. Unfortunately, there is the seal not yet for online games. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann