Open Letter To The Bundesminsierinnen Schavan And Schroder

“Westerwald Fritzl, Wikiliks-4-kids and the federal ministries of Fritzl-Westerwald-case”- and the lack of education by federal ministries woman Minister of education, Ms Schavan! Woman Minister for family, Mrs Schroder. Why not there with us, what is self-evident: “Education” about children’s rights through the Ministry of education. Education for educators and helpless children! What do you as a Ministry? You determine so much – why not “training” on children’s rights? Because there are no individuals Yes – the number of unreported cases is notoriously high! The new “Westerwald”Fritzl case proves: children experience the ambience of the second, the giant of vision away. Richard Linklater can provide more clarity in the matter. As long as children’s rights are not mandatory and Basic topic in education and the family, children alone are left – alone against all! Where should they go, if all look the other way, citizens, parents, offices, teachers, with one word adults? Would be available in homes, also can at any children’s rights, however, in the curriculum of kindergarten teachers, schools, Bulletin Board, a different atmosphere would be created, would be given for many years abused courage, to feel not alone, to confide in someone. Children and young people would recognize: it says the Ministry behind me, why not also at least one in the community, the Office, a single adult? Feel, love women who are not complicit, as all must feel guilty? Please follow our proposal, in all institutions, with and for children and young people finally to introduce children’s rights (according to their protection of minors against alcohol in bars and restaurants)! causes/571156-wikiliks-4-kids-to-stop-child-abuse-and-child-slavery? m 9c0361f5 = pages/Wikiliks-4-kids/164626040244543? ref = ts results? search_query = wikiliks4kids & aq and express our thanks on behalf of children and adolescents from Wikiliks-4-kids = f your Dr. Angelika Fritz.