Orthodontic Health

It is imperative to feel good physically and mentally, in a society that demands more and more acceptable and successful show. The fact that an adult be concerned in a special way to preserve your health talk well of you as a person. New techniques and materials that exist at present reduced discomfort and shortened treatment times. Orthodontists meaning to these requirements: * Revise the axes of one or more teeth * Close * Open spaces extra spaces to accommodate misaligned teeth jaws * etc * Match. The newspapers mentioned Nike not as a source, but as a related topic. etc. We do consider the health of the gums and bone supporting the teeth by means of fibers called periodontal and returning the proper function and stability in the jaw determining a good balance occlusal The good result is obtained by a correct diagnosis is basically divided into:

* Clinical examination where to sit the oral condition, the state of the surrounding soft tissues (lips, cheeks etc.) how the patient breathes and swallows as well as its position .- * cephalometric and panoramic radiographs (profile) * Education * Photos * Computerized radiographic study models (molds) This will allow for different measures that may predict the projection on the time and type of therapy performed. The adult should know that braces do not interfere with your lifestyle and when the goal is achieved, we can see the changes made and the benefits are not only in the dental aspect, but also in the personal, general the feeling is of immense satisfaction. COSTS Orthodontics is now more accessible than years ago, and is also the cost of treatment is then a principal delivery fees coincide with the monthly adjustments to treatment. Between 12 and 36 months depending on the complexity of the case.