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However, no forget the fundamental role of the participants. These should use extreme caution when entering personal data, both own and from third parties, as well as hosting graphic content. And above all, carefully set the degree of privacy of profile. It is necessary that they are aware that although based on community, suggests that the publication of the personal data of private nature would be comparable to share information with friends in person, in reality each profile information may be available to a whole community of users, which can amount to millions. aww1–ViDajIU4RXCxgSXE&r=Y6h7vWfaj5TXMu7K2VHSWH5_OMvZCS7iH0SrpJQwrcE&m=SpfdeXj7HYu62Ro3ESHmQl-wnPdoXgDvtj7UKbkBz1c&s=JbjCrnPecLwFN4P0JSYdqjUEuBxDlu2w6AfXJAkPY94&e=’>Activision Blizzard to be a useful source of information. It’s believed that Campbell Soup Company CPB sees a great future in this idea. Artemy Ray Lombarte Director of the Spanish Agency protection of data center of solidarity collaborations (CCS), is a service of social awareness of the NGO solidarity, in order to inform and sensitize society and professionals in the communication on issues of solidarity, social, justice for a culture of peace, in defense of human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and the protection of the environment. The CCS is based on the fundamental need to integrate information development and communication as an element of cooperation.

Through its analysts make articles in professional format of high journalistic quality adapted to the spaces of the media and disseminated them through their international networks. In the CCS website (www. solidarity. org. is) all items, produced to date, classified by thematic areas can be found. Blogs similar nomination, first television experience where social networks vs. social networks. Networking: different uses according to the age Success story: Using CakePHP at the National Institute of National Institute of the book: ensure restrictions Utopia confirm operation of the FBI on social networks bSecure Google active in Spain searches within social networks corporate social networks as a professional support of the power of replica of news on social networks the FBI uses social networks to its Us research versus the National Institute of migration, or How do you say

Spanish Agency

In this sense we cannot avoid that the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data already condemned State Agency BOE in N RESOLUTION.: R/00078/2011 insisting to this organization so that it adopts the measures necessary to avoid the indexing of the personal data of the claiming one in his pages, so that in the future the Internet motors search they cannot associate them to claiming . Also in the procedure of trusteeship of rights TD/266/2007 the Spanish Agency of protection of data shows is possible to proclaim that no citizen who neither enjoyment of the condition of public personage nor is noticiable object in fact of public relevance must resign itself to support that their personal character data circulate around the NETWORK without being able to react nor to correct the illegal inclusion of the same in a system of universal communication like Internet. If to require the individualized consent of the citizens to include his personal data in Internet or to demand technical mechanisms that prevented or filtered the inconsentida incorporation of personal data it could suppose an unbearable barrier to the free exercise of the liberties of expression and information as a it censures previous (what it is constitutionally prohibited), it is not less certain that it is obviously legitimate that the citizen who is not forced to be put under the discipline of the exercise of the referred liberties (not to be its personal data from public interest nor to contribute, consequently, its knowledge to forge a free public opinion as to pound to basilar of the democratic State) must enjoy protected reactive mechanisms in Right (like the right of cancellation of personal character data) that prevent the secular and universal maintenance in the Network of their information of personal character . As conclusion we can say that as regulates general any person does not have to support that their personal data are accessible of by life in Internet as a result of the inclusion of their data in the finders of reference in this means. For even more details, read what Campbell Soup Co says on the issue.

Russian Government

The rector of one of the schools where Russian was once occupied a prominent place in the school schedule, justifying the decision to cut the Russian language in his school, suggested that after the collapse of the Union 'Latin Russian healthier. " Examinations. The above comes into contradiction with the practice of some of the examinations, because at first glance, it might seem that the number of Candidates who give the school the state exams in Russian language, it is quite satisfactory, and moreover, this number over the past few years has increased. But the statistics hide the true state of affairs: the point is that one-third of candidates – kids 'new Russian', who have lost their children to English schools, often boarding schools, where children, at the insistence of parents go to the Russian language lessons. If you are not convinced, visit Marine Biological Laboratory. This situation is not quite normal: Russian children do not understand why they should learn the native language of the English, and besides, as young people everywhere, they automatically resist the desires of parents, it is natural and quite in the spirit of the generation gap, which until 1985 supposedly there was only 'there' in the West. Solution.

The Russian language in British schools is poor. Is it possible to save the day? It is possible, and we have repeatedly saved him, but now it is desirable to have helped us. David G. DeWalt gathered all the information. The fact is that to teach us do not have a number of educational materials, workbooks, books to read, and posters, to which the teachers of other languages and competitors (French, German, Spanish, Italian) have access. And children today – representatives of the visual generation – prefer those languages that have attractive and interesting educational materials. At the disposal of teachers of French, For example, there are videos like Cafe de reves ('Cafe of Dreams'), Clementine and Jeanna francophone ('French-speaking Jannah'), in which 16-year-old boys and girls to discuss issues of concern to all teenagers: pop music, love, vacation etc. Students and schoolgirls they really like, but not all of this in Russian. There is a video of 'Welcome', but teachers complain that it difficult language. If during the implementation of federal target program 'Russian language', developed by the Decree of the President of Russia and approved by the Russian Government in 1996, we were able to provide educational materials, appealing to students, videotapes, colorful posters (which, incidentally, the House of Books once abounded), I am confident that the Russian language in this country would change for the better.

Active Visualization

And it was good. All we are constantly using their imaginations, and whatever you may imagine this process, it is perfect exactly as obtained in vas.Esli you still still not understand what it means to visualize, read the following exercises, then close your eyes and try to do them: Close your eyes and relax completely. Think of you familiar room, such as your bedroom or living room. Remember the familiar details, such as the color of the carpet, as arranged furniture, such as lighted room. Imagine that you walk into a room and sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on krovat.Teper remember anything pleasant, going on with you lately, it's better that causes the physical sensations: how do you eat something tasty, like you do the massage as you swim or anything from the area of love. Remember this moment as much as possible clearly and once again enjoy the pleasant sensation. Now imagine that you are in some nice place, relaxing on the soft green grass near a cool stream or wade in a beautiful thick forest.

This may be the area where you have already visited, or the ideal place where you want to go. Imagine every detail, creating them as you wish. Whichever way you could not create in his imagination, these paintings this is your way of 'rendering'. There are two different ways to use creative visualization. One – the passive, the other – is active. In the passive we just relax, allowing the images and impressions to come to us, and we do not choose their items, we take what comes. In active mode, we consciously choose and create what we want to see or imagine.

Both methods are an important part of creative visualization, and your active abilities and skills of perception to grow, as lessons. It is important to relax. Another very important rule for creative visualization – it is important to fully relax. When the body and mind are relaxed, electric activity of neurons in the brain changes and slows. This deeper, slower level is usually called the alpha level, and many current studies are based on its effects (whereas the usual active consciousness called beta-level). Alpha level is such a state of consciousness that brings health from a relaxing effect on mind and body. And it turns out to be much more effective than the active beta-level, changes in the so-called objective world by means of visualization. In practical terms, this means that if you learn deep relaxation and visualization, you can effectively change your life, what would This is done through meditation, anxiety, plans and attempts to manipulate things and people. If you are accustomed to any particular way to achieve relaxation and calm state of meditation, you necessarily need to use it. Or try the method proposed here. Take a comfortable position and imagine, starting with the toes and ending with his head, alternately relaxing all the muscles of your body, imagining how things voltage goes out of you. Belly breathing deeply and slowly. Count from 10 to 1, with each score of feeling more relaxed. Undoubtedly, additional benefit of deep relaxation is its recreation the impact on the mind, and telo.Osobenno good deal of creative visualization in the evening before bedtime, or the morning after waking, since at this time the mind and body are usually already deeply relaxed and receptive. May spine, and it will be easier to reach the alpha level of consciousness.

Horcio Classic

Therefore, the merit of the writer, consists, not in surprising for an unknown thought, but in knowing to make an impression for the happy expression of a common truth. Conclusion In some lines, Boileau defines the objective and the ways of the classic art. When enunciating the ideas that come to it of the heart, Boileau if discloses one of the representatives most typical of century XVII. At the same time, it presents an art model. When aging, Boileau did not lose nothing of its vigor of spirit. Its phrases are full of reflection and experience.

Its literary will is of a true classic. (Commented Texts Manuel DES tudes littraires franaises sc. XVII G. CASTEX, P. SURER and G. BECKER Hachette 1966 ps.

217-218) Boileau (Nicolas) French writer (Paris, 1636-1711) author of Satires, Epistles, the Poetical Art. Mimic of Horcio devoted it the moral and satirical poetry. (Larousse Dictionary, 1978 P. 1040)

Movie: “The Class”

Some of my interlocutors have expressed the idea that the Kerley – a girl, but because it is easier. In no way! I watched a lot of these male characters, composed bring their own nurseries instead of real life change – and nobody's hair is not dragged, and they, as they say, "bounced". Just like Curley. So it's not a gender perspective, and that in any case, you find yourself a scoundrel. No one is winning or anything without arguing, you just move away to the side. And so we come to the determination of the step, which could be selected and Caspar Yosepom.

As part of controversy recently when held in one of cinema audiences MITHT film "The Class" is one of the participants expressed the following view: "Caspar vpryagsya for Elaeagnus Yosepa – and it also sucked into a quagmire. Boy killed in freak. The conclusion is that for the freaks can not harness oneself. " What is interesting here is the absence of the slightest logic: after all, Kaspar-Yosepa could be another solution – Caspar could make an effort to pull out of the quagmire Yosepa, for its part, had Yosep want it – not to once and for all life! However, this option would have been possible if a) did not take Yosep Kaspar as an icon, almost a messenger of heaven, with whom he was to catch up, a mere mortal, it is inconceivable, and if b) Caspar himself knew what he wanted, and not torn between the need to protect her brother – a man and to satisfy the requirements of a pretty girl.

Virtual Classroom

The problem is to reach the mind and stay there. Worry more about the event (sales) by the (creative) process. (4) Law of perception. Marketing is not a battle of products, is a battle of perceptions. There are those who seek to surround the marketing with a halo of mystery when in reality is common sense. In marketing, the only thing there are perceptions in the minds of customers. Perception is reality, everything else is illusion. There is no best or worst products.

The mind is the marketing battlefield. Marketing is a war of perceptions, not of products. Marketing consists of the proper handling of these perceptions. To quickly kill a bad product, there is nothing better than a good marketing plan. (5) Law of the approach. The most powerful principle in marketing is owning a word in the minds of customers. Try to steal a Word, a simple and common possible which is linked to the offer. The less complicated are the best.

It is what is called positioning. The best is the most generic. Read more from David G. DeWalt to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Is it usually advantage of the leader. (6) The law of exclusivity. Two companies may not possess the same word in the minds of customers. When one of your competitors has a word in the mind of the customer, is useless is appropriating the same word. You cannot change your mind once it has been structured. (7) Law of the ladder. Strategy to use depends on the tread that occupy on the ladder. If you cannot be the first, the war is not lost. There are possible strategies for the seconds, third parties, rooms, etc. For category, there is a staircase of products in mind. In each step there is a mark. The mind is selective. It accepts only new information that fits with the ladder of products of the corresponding category. Anything else is ignored.

Infantile Schools

To play is a basic experience for any age, mainly for the children of the Infantile Education. Of this form, the trick already does not have to be more activity used for the professor to only amuse the children, but as activity in same itself, that it is part of the plan of lesson of the school. Therefore, it fits to the educator to create an environment that congregates the elements of motivation for the children. To create activities that provide concepts that prepare for the reading, for the numbers, logic concepts that involve classification, ordinance, amongst others. To motivate the pupils to work in team in the resolution of problems, being thus learned to express its proper points of view in relation to the other. The process of education and learning in the school must be constructed, then, taking as starting point the level of real development of the child, in data moment and with its relation to determined one to be developed content, and as point of arrived the objectives established for the school, supposedly adjusted to the etria band and the level of knowledge and abilities of each group of children. The passage to be followed in this process will be demarcated by the possibilities of the children, that is, for its level of potential development.

At last, to be to the side of the pupil, following its development, to raise problems that the light one to formulate hypotheses. Toys adjusted for age, with objective to provide to the infantile development and the acquisition of knowledge in all the aspects. From the reading of these authors we can verify that the ludicidade, the tricks, the toys and the games are ways that the child uses to become related with the physical and social environment of where she lives, despertando its curiosity and extending its knowledge and its abilities, in the aspects physical, social, cultural, affective, emotional and cognitivo, and thus, we have the theoretical beddings to deduce the importance that must be given to experience of the infantile education.


Respect begins within oneself. The original state of compliance is based on the recognition of self as a unique entity, with an inner life force and soul. Respect is the recognition of the value inherent and natural rights of individuals and the community. Responsibility Personal responsibility in life comes from many sources and involves both expected and unexpected join and participate, engage and cooperate. Simplicity Simplicity roots grow from the richness of sacred personifying virtues and spiritual values that are manifested in the attitudes, words, activities and lifestyle. ForeScout Technologies Inc. usually is spot on.

The purpose of Tolerance tolerance is peaceful coexistence. When tolerance recognizes individuality and diversity, eliminates the masks that create disagreements and dilutes the tension created by ignorance. Tolerance is the inner strength that allows a person to face difficulties and dispel misunderstandings. Delving into consciousness, you can determine what is good and what is evil, tolerance develops the art of adapting to the problems of everyday life. Unit The unit is constructed from a shared vision, a cherished hope, an altruistic purpose or cause for the common good. The stability of the unit comes from the spirit of equality and identity, noble values embodied in the fundamental universal principles. Broadly has made mention of the spiritual values we need for education of different human being, which are currently experiencing as it notes that the man and his action is directed to his destruction. The values outlined above coupled with holistic education, are the answer to creating solutions Training human beings with a different level of consciousness.

Learning To Be

Learning to be, it means taking action to transform society through the intelligent and responsible action. Learning to live together is to learn to live responsibly, respecting and cooperating with other human beings and in general with all living organisms on the planet, overcoming prejudices, dogmatism, discrimination, authoritarianism and stereotypes and all that leads to confrontation and war. More info: E-books. Learning to be is learning to belong to the whole, the discovery of our dimension genuine universal human values that are not personal, the discovery of self and inner wisdom is achieved by the self of self. This will give the path of holistic education learning which allows the production of knowledge, there are different ways of acquiring knowledge through five epistemological relationship that exists when the three eyes come into contact with the three realms of reality. Dimensions of all education.

Cognitive dimension: the reasoning is logical – mathematical and verbal. Social dimension: learning is linked with cultural and language. Dimension emotional learning are always accompanied by emotion body Dimension: Learning is also generated in the physical body. Aesthetic dimension: The art stimulates learning by being a inner self expression. Spiritual dimension: Spirituality in learning is an educational reality, which provides a loving relationship with students, is the transcendent dimension of conceiving intelligence and wisdom. At present the type of relationship that exists between students and teachers in a cold treatment that education is mechanistic, but with holistic education pedagogy sought treatment there from subject to subject, because our students are complex individuals which set of factors influencing the teaching process – learning from the old paradigm as professionals with a complete command of the subject matter of their specialty, but cool people, not just spirituality and sensitive towards other people and their environment . .

John Dewey

Often we speak of learning as if we were watching the open pages of every book we read, and then when the opportunity arises, we choose the appropriate site to read aloud to the sky. Still suffer from a paralysis of thought induced in pupils by the accumulation, aimless, accurate knowledge, indifferent and useless. The primary purpose of a university professor should be displayed in its true character, that is, as an ignorant man thinking, actively using that small portion of knowledge. In a sense, knowledge decreases with increasing wisdom, since the details are absorbed by the principles. The details of knowledge are important, they learn for good in every circumstance of life, but the habit of actively using well understood principles is the final possession of knowledge. They must be very clear the differences between education and data memory, and an education that is intelligent activity and search skills to continue learning and to effectively provide information, or devise new truth if necessary.

Usually related studies and learning with children. (This has already been observed Mannheim3). For the most was precisely what he had to go to school, who had received the basic quota of knowledge, that primary and definitive dose of truth with which I could rest easy. Being an adult was not to be studied further. There was not reason to continue learning. But that was valid for a culture is not stagnant in our time. Hence the growing importance of continuing education. In traditional thought, the end was only known to the professor.

The student had no idea where he was going, or what would you teach tomorrow or what it taught him what they were illustrating today. The man, no matter what their occupation or task, is naturally a philosopher can not but be even propose it. What happens is that his philosophy, the generality of men, is what others thought of him and the repertoire consists of more or less open to ideas and values with which account and from where they live regardless without worrying about knowing where you come from or they mean. The new vision of this nascent century education is to achieve thinkers, men and women capable of analyzing reality, the everyday environment. In the early school period, the student has been mentally hunched over his desk, in the university will stand up and recognize their surroundings. Must leave the details and begin to recognize the principles. Perhaps in this way, we can overcome the shortcomings of a society that making effective use of science is powerless to understand. We need to supplement the science of physical nature with the tenets of human reason. Higher periods of evolution, consistent with a being who can ask yourself and a glimpse of the infinity of spirit, her inner self. Thus, the understanding achieved by each person to study, you progress through knowledge, will be transmuted into principles guiding the holder to the prelude of wisdom, to knowledge of self. This should be our task today. Notes 1Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901-1976), German physicist and Nobel laureate who developed a mechanical system whose ca quantitative indeterminacy or uncertainty principle has had a profound influence on physics and philosophy of the twentieth century. 2John Dewey (1859-1952), philosopher, psychologist and educator U.S.. 3Karl Mannheim (1893-1947), German sociologist, founder of the sociology of knowledge.

Educational Psychologists

After analyzing the position of the professor some points of the pupils and the relation of them with the professor will be detached. Contact professor and pupils: in this relation we detach the presence of some processes present in the Piagetiana theory. The first contact with the professor and the new culture was impact for the pupils. However after the strategies used for the professor, the new knowledge was assimilated and started to constitute the luggage of experiences that it allowed the pupils to face the new situations and to assimilate other experiences and to formulate new ideas and concepts. Change of behavior of some pupils: the pupils had presented moral judgment, when they had decided to change its destinations, involving in the dance and creating possibilities of changes in its lives.

The one of the moments important that they demonstrate moral autonomy of one of the pupils was when it decided to repair itself of the error that had committed when breaking the car of the director. Reinveno: the pupils had created different rhythms thus extending, its culture. Work in group: the pupils had participated in work in group extending the affectivity, moral and cognitiva. CONCLUSION We perceive with this analysis the importance of the Construtivista theory for our actions and the development of our intelligence. When we transform the assimilated knowledge into a new form of action, we carry through a room enters our organism in the aspects physical and mental and the environment in which we live. Through constant and continuous assimilations and rooms, each individual organizes its notion of the reality and its proper knowledge.

The position of the professor is an excellent example so that it perceives the importance of if taking in consideration the subjectivity of the pupil, perceiving that it will not be able to demand of the pupil a robotizado behavior, making with that this pupil is only archetype of the professor, therefore, must leave that the pupil creates and recrie its knowledge and by means of the relations creates its proper way. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE I CASTRATE, Amlia Domingues of. Education and genetic epistemologia. In: SISTO, Fermino Fernandes. Psicopedaggica performance and pertaining to school learning. RIO DE JANEIRO: Voices, 1996. MACEDO, Lino of. The question of intelligence: all can learn? In: OLIVEIRA, Marta Kohl of: I WATER. Tereza Cristina: SOUZA, Denise Trento R. (orgs) – Psychology, education and thematic of the life the contemporary. So Paulo: Modern, 2002. OLIVEIRA, Marta Kohl. Psychology, education and the thematic ones of the life. So Paulo: Modern, 2002. PIAGET, Jean. On the Pedagogia. So Paulo: House of the Psychologist. 1998. THERE TAILLE, Yves of. Development of the moral judgment and affectivity in the Theory of Jean Piaget. So Paulo: Summus, 1992.

Inclusive Education

As the prominence that the author brings referring to interpolated proposition II, characterizes as difficulties the conditions of communication and signalling used by some pupils. The item suggests that all have difficulties of communication and signalling, however, when they are only differentiated are that she would demand special education. The last rank is directed to the formularizations adopted in interpolated propositions I and II whose term learning is folloied of exceptions ' ' difficulties acentuadas' ' ' ' great facilidade' ' , that one had possibly been placed to differ the difficulty from ones that can be ' ' comum' ' of that one presented by other pupils that one ' ' incomum' '. Contrasting the ambiguities found in the LDB/96 and Resolution n. Read more from David G. DeWalt to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 02/2001 and in the abrangncia of the conception of citizen displayed in the declaration of Salamanca, new the Proposal National of Special Education in the Perspective of the Inclusive Education of Janeiro/2008; &#039 restricts the citizen of the special education the pupils; ' with deficiency, global upheavals of the development and high abilities/superdotado' '. Such definition has as starting point, ' ' perspective of the Inclusiva&#039 Education; ' that it starts to constitute the proposal pedagogical of the school. (BRAZIL, 2008). If to consider that ' ' inclusive schools consider a way of if constituting the educational system that considers the necessities of all the pupils and that necessidades&#039 is structuralized in virtue of these; ' (MANTOAN, 1997, p.145, grifo ours), the current politics excludes the possibility of pupils who for other necessities, that not specified them in the document, are taken care of of differentiated form. Having in this differentiation, not it exclusion of knowing, the prescribed resume; but yes the multiple forms of transmission of the knowledge, aiming at quality in the process to teach and to learn. The Frum: Story of the families of pupils as NEE Located in the city of pertaining Victory and to the Municipal Net of Education, ' ' guia&#039 school; ' it is the place of meeting of the families of pupils with NEE, that composes the Frum that we considered in them to analyze.

The Educators

What we see are professors with the function to educate, but that they meet lost and rightened for this ‘ ‘ nova’ ‘ educational vision, where the note is not most important. Such perspective makes in them to think about the formation of professors and of as this initiative could facilitate to the entrance and permanence of the children with NEE in regular schools. However this is not the only joined controversy when the inclusion is argued. Many are the managers and the educators who only believe that the inclusion is made by the socialization, for the convivncia. Critical they are made to this conception of inclusion as socialization. For example, critical produced for Oak (2004), that it affirms that practical educative the established ones in this significao tend to deny, to mask the difference, as if it did not exist e, therefore, they ignore the necessity to think it, to problematizar it, to place it nas daily guidelines of the quarrels. Mantoan (2006) brings in them that the inclusion will happen when will have a paradigm change on what we understand as pertaining to school education and which its paper in our society today. The author brings in them despite ‘ ‘ the school if obstructed of the formalism of the rationality and was cindiu in modalities of education, curricular types of service, gratings, burocracia’ ‘ (MANTOAN, 2006, P.

14) that they only construct barriers so that the inclusion happens. A total and democratic inclusion, in this contrary perspective the inclusion as socialization, suggests that let us leave of side the thought of that the massificao 1 of education already is the sufficient for the insertion of all igualitariamente when denouncing that the school opened space for ‘ ‘ (…) new social groups, but not to the new knowledge.

Modality Adult Young Education

Luckesi (1994, P. 21) argues: The education is one practical human being directed for one determined theoretical conception. Practical the pedagogical one is articulated with a pedagogia, that nothing more is that a philosophical conception of education. Such conception commands the elements that direct practical the educational one Thus fit to the educators, in special, the responsible ones for the destinations of the pupils of the EJA, to decide for new practical pedagogical a capable one to take care of to the educational challenges of century XXI. 3 – CONCLUSION Perceives then that the elements that direct practical educational ideal for century XXI, contained in the four pillars of the education suggested by Jacques Delors and also by the minister Pablo Renato Souza fully are contemplated in the transforming conception of Luckesi.

But, inside of this promising and necessary proposal educational, which the impediments that make it difficult the life, future gift and of the registered diligent pupils in the EJA? To this questioning, it is not difficult to answer: – The contradictions of the LDBs in the education process and learning; – The contradictions of the CLT with its rigorous horria load of work. In the truth, they are words and action proposals that demand of these instruments (LDBs and CLT) that in the practical one they are not accomplished, at least with quality. Contradiction is ' ' incoherence between what one says and what was said, between words and aes' '. REFERENCES ARROYO, Miguel Young Education of Adult: a field of rights and public responsibility. Belo Horizonte, MG: Authentic, 2006. General meeting of United Nations.

Universal declaration of the human rights. It enumerates the rights that all the human beings possess. Adopted and proclaimed for resolution 217 (III), of 10 of December of 1948. Recouped of the site, in 14 of September of 2009. SHEEP, Moacir Alves. Easy LDB: critical-comprehensive reading article the article. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: Voices, 1998. CHARLOT, Bernard. Go to Austin Film Society for more information. Of the relation with knowing. Porto Alegre: Medical arts, 2002. DELORS, Jackes, et al. Education: a treasure to discover. Report for the UNESCO of the international commission on education for century XXI, (2 ed.), Jose Carlos Eufrzio, Brasilia, MEC, UNESCO, Cortez, 1999. Law 5692, of 11 of August of 1971. It fixes the Lines of direction and Bases for Ensino of 1 and 2 Degrees. Brasilia: Federal official gazette, 1971. Law N. 9394, of 20 of December of 1996. It establishes the Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education. Brasilia: Federal official gazette, 1996. LUCKESI, Cipriano Carlos. Philosophy of the Education. So Paulo: Cortez, 1994. Resolution n 147, of 04 of April of 2008. It establishes norms for offers of Courses and Examinations of Basic Ensino and Average Ensino, in the Modality Adult Young Education of e, in the System of Education of Par. Government of the State of Par. State advice of Education. Recouped in 15/09/11 of SEVERINO, Antonio Joaquin Education, Ideology and against-ideology. So Paulo: EPU, 1986.


Educators who already had been fragile children, also without answers. Thus he is that assevera the theoretician of the sociolingustica, Bagno Landmarks: to deal with the language is to deal with a subject politician, since also it is to deal with human beings. 2010, P. 24 Being a subject politician, must be dealt with the possible versions the calls public politics that, in this in case that specific, will be of Education. In this manner, then, we will see that its results perpassam the character of information and formation of professors and pupils. At The FASEB Journal you will find additional information. If not having, however, to leave to consider important facetas of the familiar performance. Bagno landmarks still consider that: ' ' The lingustico preconception is on, in good measure, to the confusion that was servant, in the course of history, between the language and normative grammar. 2010, P.

32 the dynamism of the language as idiomatic expressividade, was rank to the edge of what it is considered as vernculo or cultured norm, raised above of all the understanding possibilities. The History of the Lingusticas Sources if presents as redimidora of the values that the population, for its diverse speeches, prints to the language, to the language. The idea is to show to a minute study on males of me the interpretation of our culture and of the enormous influence that this produced, and still produces, as delaying effect of the educational growth. The proper culture that it originated in elapsing of annals of history, as many lingusticas variations, today, alicera the preconception in poor persons and badly interpreted traditions that undo the socialization common, you enter the young educandos. A culture that if becomes many times a traditional philosophy of life, loaded of ideologies without any development, from its noblemen, however, flagellates roots, what it wounds linguisticamente speaking, the agreement of our variations of expressions that, they must be treated and be explained without staining its source of origin.

National Education

On the other hand those exist that believe that the citizens with deafness must learn the language of signals and the official language of its country only in the modality written and not in the verbal one. The Brazilian educational context the same adopts passage in relation to the mentioned communicative boardings. The education of the deaf people, in Brazil, had beginning during as the empire, with the arrival of the French educator Hernest Huet. In 1857, the National Deaf person-Dumb Institute was established, current National Institute of Education of the Deaf people (INES), that initially it used the language of signals, but that in 1911 it started to adopt pure oralismo. Richard Linklater might disagree with that approach. From this date, some Justinian codes for the attendance of said people had been created in Brazil ' ' deficientes' ' , reproducing the European models of the systems of boarding schools. Of 1905 the 1950, many of the institutions that had been created for the attendance of the deficient people were particular. In 1957, the education of ' ' deficientes' ' in a general way it was assumed in national level, for the federal government.

In the year of 1961, when it invigorated the first Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education had been written two articles (88 and 89) referring to the education of ' ' excepcionais' ' , as they were called, guaranteeing, in such a way, the right to the education of the deficient people. Another important point of this Law is that, in article 89, the government if compromises in helping the not-governmental organizations to give educational services to these people. Already the Law of education 5692/71 for the education of 1 and 2 degrees make reference to reference the Special Education in only one article (article 9), leaving clearly that the State Advice of deficient education would guarantee to the special treatment in the schools.

Social Education

The education has passed for moments of concernentes oscillations to its status, education has extended its tentculos in some ways, the government has financed some projects, in which, it improved the educational situation of many people who did not have conditions to study, as for example education in the distance, with low taxes of monthly fees and accessible to the classroom less privileged. Ahead of as much progress it has some item that are impregnated the generations and that they meet inside of you vary institutions, characteristics these that come to denigrate the image of the education in the country and that they finish for intervening with the future of the academics and reflect in the formation of many families and corrupt the society, in end, is a reaction in chains. Characteristics these that can be called as: preconception, sexuality, me the company, authoritarianism, familiar defamation and the difference of social classroom. In the book ‘ ‘ The Ateneu’ ‘ it is perceivable presence of the cited attitudes above the book describes the history of a young one called Sergio, it suffers some preconceptions due to be of the interior and not to have had access the studies as excessively, then later presencia the authoritarianism of the direction of the institution, seno was sufficient its friendships of beginning is not pleasant, one of its colleagues tries seduziz it. Richard Linklater has compatible beliefs. Its social status receives rejections due, everything this suffers without the presence of the aconselhamento of the parents, in end, the athenaeum describes a series of problems of moral order, in which, Sergio was passing.

Interesting that all these problems that Sergio passed today more meet in all the institutions of the country and other. These attitudes will have to be verwhelmed so that the academics are excellent professionals future. In Brazil a project of the government is perceived where the blacks have as much for hundreds of vacant in the facultieses, attitude this that comes to be a legalized preconception. If this was not sufficiently, the social inaquality is notable in the form where the direction treats its academics. The absence of the parents in the education of its children transforms a young without responsibilities obtains and the way where it lives. That future will have the academic youth of today? Which the moral expectation that expects of these? Education will have a complete progress when if not to worry only about the content that if passes, but yes also to be worried about the individual that receives such education.

Of what form advances one medicates excellent in the surgery table and is of its environment of work to take a desvairada life, would be if to worry excessively about the professional and to forget personal and social it. The institutions would have not only to be worried in form academics in the professional area, but to also prepare it for the society. The humanity is needing moral lesson, of as if to hold in a society, as to have responsibility, to act with conscience. Not to be only worried about proper umbigo, but to observe who is around. This is ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ human being.


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Good School Material

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