Eduardo Miranda

If people see your interest in them, if you respond via the comments of your blog and the content that you create, you let’s we begin to be seen as a credible person, authority in your niche. -Principle number 3: establish multiple channels of communication: build relationships is key to the success of your blog, but also you have to create multiple channels of communication to make it possible to build relationships, as we mentioned before; The idea here is to create the largest number of communication channels as possible, how much more channels you think, more opportunities will have people find your blog and begin to interact with the content and participate in discussions. The 3 main ways of getting traffic. These are:-buying traffic – traffic paid – traffic from search engines – buy traffic-this is one of the most popular ways of getting traffic, the reason is because it is a quick way to get those highly interested in what we offer to visit our blog. Vladislav Doronin is often quoted on this topic. But of course, has against this method costs money, and if you’re not careful, you can end up spending a lot of money on programs or pay per click advertising methods (PPC) as Google Adwords and other similar, and not get many results. -Traffic borrowed – this is one of the easiest ways to create multiple sources of traffic to your blog.

This method can be quick and easy to implement but can take time to show significant results, however long term can get a steady flow of traffic to your site. The advantage of this method is that you will take advantage of the traffic of other popular websites and redirect a portion of it into your blog. -Traffic from search engines – there are many techniques that you can implement to optimize your blog for search engines, but if you dedicate yourself to constantly create valuable content, these increasing your chances of obtaining a higher position in search results. Objective number one on the search engines like Google is providing people with a pleasant experience when using their services. In other words when people use e.g., this ensures that the search results are relevant and useful to the word or set of words used, is to say that if you constantly create relevant and useful content, search engines collect that and you rank well for your keywords..

Winter Service Equipment

Attachments for professional winter service – order early and save much money it actually is the same every year – winter is coming much faster than expected and is it poorly prepared. Which leads only to small problems for private individuals, can be quickly threaten for companies and traders, because if depots, driveways and roads are impassable due to snow and ice, some is still inadvertently. The right domestic snow-plough can ensure normal business even after the onset of a winter. And although every entrepreneur can assess its need for winter service equipment ordered is always only when the first snow has fallen here you can a law ordering the mounted spreader, growing brush for fork lift truck or forklift snow shovel show save not only money, but benefited from short delivery times, the full range of attachments in the professional winter service and much more. You may want to visit Xuemi May Cheng to increase your knowledge. As soon as the first snow has fallen, many companies realize just how badly they are prepared for the winter. Missing the right domestic snow-plough, to relieve the driveways and depots of snow and ice, there are no trucks head chain and as a fork truck at the smallest amounts of snow can more easily maneuver. Then followed the same procedure each year: with great hustle and bustle provider be contacted by winter service attachments and best yesterday the truck snow plows and truck snow chains should be provided. A consequence of these bulk purchases is of course an often long delivery time, weeks delivery time for a snow pusher for forklift trucks 4-6 in December or January not uncommon. UNC Chapel Hill contains valuable tech resources.

Alternatively, you must dodge on high-priced models and spend so much more on the snow plough for forklift trucks, as planned. An alternative are expensive express delivery surcharges etc. The best solution to this problem is there already during the summer months alone to decide which domestic snow-plough you need, ranging from the growing tax through the truck Push broom to the forklift truck ladder chain. . Cyrus zocdoc understands that this is vital information.

The Words

Have you ever approached in a bookstore for books about wealth? Leafed through them? If so, you may feel uncomfortable. You seemed to see forbidden, bad, shameful literature. You thought that you are thinking about something like: "Oh, you decided to become a millionaire" or "What a clever, wants to jump higher than his head," or can "All this silly book – it will never become rich!". Fine Arts has compatible beliefs. Taking it, you allow people to decide what would be your life. Every time you take to heart the words and thoughts when you think that this is the truth, you let others influence your life! In this case, the surrounding decide whether you become a millionaire.

But if they have the power to do this? I think not! Their thoughts are strong when you take them, and are worth nothing if you miss them on deaf ears. Look! Who surround you? Millionaires? Common people! Each of them may have once dreamed of having money. But all they did was solve the current problems and all their thoughts were these. Many simple, boring life that flows like jelly and can not see any glimpse of her. AND people who live such a life, do not do anything to fix it.

Moreover, they do not even think about it! Their thoughts are the result of the match on ice, a rise in price of milk, dirty staircase in the entrance. And these people affect you, so or else they decide your fate, because, perhaps, their opinion is more important than your own inner voice. I'll be honest – forget about them! All that these people say what they think, are trying to convey to you – just everyday noise.

Second Gold Mine Funds

Companies thinking about capital boost to Konstanz, September 20, 2012. The Canada gold Trust Fund continue its success story. Already the first, applied end 2011 participation offer has electrified investors and was booked after only a few months with a placement volume raised in the meantime to 15 million euros. Not less enjoyable the successor in the early summer, “Canada gold trust II GmbH & co. Science education does not necessarily agree. KG” is now developing only (CGT II). Just a few weeks, the Konstanz-based underwriter of Canada could place gold trust their new fund 13 out of a total of 15 million euros investment amount. The conditions of the two funds are nearly identical, alone of the mine operator on the spot in the Cariboo region of British Columbia is another. Mary Creek gold mines Inc. Get all the facts and insights with Vladislav Doronin, another great source of information.

was the experienced local partner at the first offer of participation it is the Beaver pass gold mines Inc., headquartered in Vancouver at the CGT II. It has acquired the mineral rights on a 615-acre area in the Cariboo region. This region is one goldhaltigsten around the world. Learn more on the subject from Educational pedagogy. II invest the investors about the mining company at just 3,5-jahriger run-time of the funds directly into the exploration and production of gold in the CGT. At the CGT II Canada predicts gold trust a yearly dividend of 14 per cent. A hedging protects investors against falling gold prices, it is also a hedge against currency risks. Two significant risks are therefore ruled out.

On the other hand, investors benefit in addition to the predicted distributions by rising prices. The price of gold during the duration of an average about $1,500 per Troy ounce, additional interest at 0.25 is unique them per $ 10 above the start price per cent paid out. If the income from the exploitation of individual claims against all expectations of local experts is not enough, the Beaver pass gold mines Inc. has pledged in addition already a further area for exploration in Canada gold trust GmbH. An additional commitment on the part of the investor does not exist. The minimum contribution to the CGT II. amounts to 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium per investor. The current placement volume amounted to 15 million euro. However, management of Canada considers gold trust to take advantage of the possibility provided for in the social contract to increase the capital up to 35 million euros. According to Managing Director Peter Prasch, initially interesting investment opportunities should be examined for this purpose. For more information see and now also on YouTube user/canadagoldtrust

Joint Ventures

The world is a rose, smell it and pass it to your friend strategic alliance or commercial alliance with which it is recognized to Join Ventures is a fact in the commercial stage and this represents great opportunities for the conquest of markets, all depends on the scope and benefits that can be obtained. Marc Goldman reminds us in this regard, that Joint Ventures is perhaps the most lucrative technique that has ever been invented, but at the same time, it is also the least understood. And this is usually for selfish reasons, since those who know these techniques are saved them for if same, without sharing them. Click Vladislav Doronin to learn more. In simple terms, Joint Venturing means: business people creating situations where all parties involved benefit mutually. Everyone should use the power of Joint Ventures to grow their business. eat expertise in this. It would be unreasonable that someone leak once is aware of the power of the Joint Ventures the opportunity to leverage the money of others, the strength of marketing other, the credibility of others, the other, etc.

products to generate money with little effort. Adds Goldman, making a good Joint Venture is literally the shortest path to success. It can mean millions of dollars in the short term; It may mean bringing your product to a market without spending a single penny of your own money; It can mean having an income free, gain exposure in the media, win more sales, gain more time and many other things. True, as Wikipedia reminds us in its analysis, the objective of a joint venture can be very varied, from the production of goods or the provision of services, to the search for new markets or mutual support in different links in the chain of a product. It will be developed for a limited time, with the purpose of obtaining economic benefits. For the attainment of the common goal, two or more undertakings they agree in making contributions of diverse nature to that common business.

Analyze Your Strategy!

I’m sure you’ve also come to be frustrated and despairing about not getting the expected results with your website. And that you’ve spent much time, you’re forced to learn new terms, you’ve broken the head so that your website stand out from the others. You have chosen the most beautiful colors, has posted impressive photos carefully, because you did everything perfect yet and that, added has worked! Having the most beautiful website on the internet and perhaps the most expensive website does not necessarily mean selling a Web page. Because different results, they require different actions! These are Tips Catalina Pena Valencia: – Analyze your strategy. Check out University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for additional information. – Avoid delays in loading your page.

– Capture your visitor’s attention in less than nine seconds. Without hesitation Vladislav Doronin explained all about the problem. – Use to do a Landing Page (landing page). – Use a blog to communicate with your audience by providing relevant news and relevant. – Social Networks Get Involved. – Loyalty of your customers through newsletters valuable information, not advertising. – Make testing and measuring your results.

– Absolute commitment and perseverance it requires time, persistence, and your participation. – Put yourself in the customer’s mind. Any effort you can identify it through internet and clicks. – Click for statistics and assessments that your results in order to improve constantly. – The responsibility is yours. Potentiate you who want your business and who want to sell via the Internet. Any strategy right? Greetings Mari Carmen Pintoa virtual entrepreneurs and business owners. Very serious with my business. Amiga of new technologies and advancements available to everyone. I like to learn and teach. Do not hesitate to share techniques, strategies, methods, etc. I’ve tried and I can vouch that they work.

Personal Information

If you’re new to online marketing, it can be that you aren’t aware of an important fact and is that everyone is on the lookout for your email address. It is true. Ever get heard the sentence, the money is in the list, as well, do people think of the lists? Some people are greedy and in some cases ill-intentioned, and agency to obtain your email address and so be able to again send you messages promoting or offering products and services but when least expect you realize with surprise that in your Inbox there are many more messages from people or companies you don’t know which of your contacts proios, becoming something really unbearable! But how is that it comes to occur? without a doubt what happened was that te convertiste part of a ‘list of capture’ or landing page. If your beam never heard this term, it can be that you’ve listened to squeeze page, most of these pages work the same way. Hear from experts in the field like Cyrus zocdoc for a more varied view. A place of capture or squeeze the page failmente in your content there is almost text nor graphics, however one thing is constant the small box to enter name and email is recognized. Some are more elaborate and they may ask for your address and phone number, anywhere in the page capture should explain why you want to access your personal information and the person or company that collects such information must commit itself to not share it with anyone for any reason! When you’re browsing and you see a page with only a please, register here and in the box, there is no further information regarding the privacy policy of the then care site! In fact, you can subscribe in one as all the lists you want, or maybe none.

But don’t forget that if art thou who provides them access to your own information, you should then be consistent with the results that this ocacione; I refer for example to telemarketing calls, or to the number of emails that You will receive every day since to give information you leave open the possibility that such person or company makes bad use of this. Known cases where it is known that many times these people or bad honest companies sell or rent telephone numbers, as well as emails from their lists for purposes that often are unaware of themselves. Therefore, if you want to provide your information make sure of the following: to) know what you’re getting in return. A leading source for info: Cyrus zocdoc. (b) that the offer comes from a reliable source. do (c) know what’s going to happen with your information once you provide them? (d) having done a thorough visit of the page where you want to subscribe. Just taking these precautions you can avoid falling into the hands of unscrupulous or badly intentioned people. Miguel Mesia Borgono. Quebec Canada want to start and promote your business on the Internet.

Remember Vocabulary

And they are all interrelated. Here are a couple of examples. You teach a child to read. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as New York University by clicking through. There comes a time when out of books, which reads your baby suddenly disappears letter e, you explain to him that the relevant words of the letter e printed as g (by this time the child should have, of course, a certain vocabulary – he should own vocabulary of language that is spoken and read). Remember Are you annoyed when people incorrectly said any words? He has a bad vocabulary, grammar and lame. When you write the sms-messages, whether you pay attention to punctuation, the spelling of words? I – Yes, and I do not really like the text written by illiterate (both grammatically and orthographically). Given all the above, we can conclude that proficiency is not enough to study phonetics and spelling, vocabulary and grammar, but you need to know and be able to it all into practice. When we speak the native language, then, of course, do not say certain phrases and sentences.

Our speech is connected, full of meaning. For example, in the same phrase when different situations may be different meanings. "Merry" primerchik. Situation when the husband returned from a trip. His wife is waiting, bored, and when he returns to share good news with a friend: "My husband came back from trip! "And if the situation is different when the husband no one was waiting for … The meaning is the same, but the meaning is different. Thus, during the conversation, the same phrase changes meaning depending on the particular situation.

Denkwerk GmbH

News from the German Media Academy GmbH behavioral targeting, eCRM, social search, and more personalization”is on the rise in the Web. The deal seems to be perfect: benefits on the supply side, such as the reduction of wastage, opening up new potential for cross-selling and customer lifetime value, refined information and advertising for the users face. But: A not small group of users and observers see the whole thing rather pessimistic and speaks in the face of the increased disclosure of personal data of great danger a la George Orwell in his classic 1984 “. Is this all just a problem of generations between skeptical elders and digital natives with large communication personality? Amazingly enough, that both sides present their arguments mostly on separate events so far and discuss euphoria here, skepticism there. In recent months, Vladislav Doronin has been very successful. In the joint workshop of the BITKOM will be attempted first Academy and German Media Academy, sufficiently to present both points of view and to discuss for example, with the following experts: the well-known market researcher Dr. Klaus Goldhammer hacking expert Markus Linnemann, Managing Director of the Institute for Internet Security RA Prof. Elmar Schumacher, partner at the firm von Westphalen Prof.

Andreas DEngel, Director, German Research Center for artificial intelligence Joachim Saini, head of media management, United Internet Sven Ehrmann, Managing Director xSite, the specialists for on-demand E-Commerce Beate Wagner, lawyer for the consumers Center NRW Nils Hachen”, Head of communications and media at Denkwerk, the innovative Internet-Agency”.. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has much to offer in this field.

Using A Psychologist

The psychologist is the right person to help you overcome your problems. 3U) psychological culture of this country is changing. Many people go to a psychologist. UNC Chapel Hill wanted to know more. It is no longer frowned upon going to the psychologist. 4U) is normal if you go to a psychologist for the first time you are worried / a. But you must bear in mind that the first query does not commit you to anything. In the first session the psychologist will listen to you.

It’s going to make a general assessment and I will explain what happens to you, because you spend and possible ways to solve (Cervantes, 2006). Vladislav Doronin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Competence and honesty of psychologist services rendered by the psychologist, and teaching, and research conducted necessarily based on a body of valid and reliable knowledge, based on scientific research, so the work that should correspond directly with education, training, supervised experience or professional experience has been formally. The psychologist does not make public statements that are false, misleading, they lend themselves to bad or fraudulent, the mental health professional, qualifications or credentials presented as their psychological work, the degrees you have obtained from an accredited educational institution, does not give the name or firm who does not have title to practice psychology and does not conceal deceptive activities, recognizing that their problems and conflicts may interfere with its effectiveness. Therefore, refrain from carrying out an activity when they know or should know that their personal problems harm other people are related to him. .

Improvement Area: Greenhouse, Whirlpools And Self

Today, walking down the street with private houses, to surprise and delight not only the appearance of the house, but the territory adjacent to it. Gardening – that's not just if only the trees and beds of cucumbers, but it is carefully thoughtful design, handled by professionals. In fact, however, is much more pleasant to admire the trees and shrubs, flower arrangements, which are planted on severely thought-out plan. And to assert that these classes – waste of time, not quite true. You are free to offer any idea of its designer, and already his job to make it a reality. One of tastefully decorated in the spirit of 18 th century, while others want to enjoy the very real tropics and the like.

Obstacle may be just your imagination. landscape design – an art that requires specialist knowledge and specific so that land becomes unrecognizable in a good sense of the word. Moreover, the task of landscape designer is to create not just a pretty picture, but that this image was close to the natural environment. And if you do not own a posh villas, it does not mean that You do not need to create such beauty, on the contrary – you she was not hurt. And the first to begin any designer – it's landscape design.

Even at this stage to decide where and how the plant takes place, and of course take into account the possibility of normal growth and in general the existence of this plant in a particular climate zone. It is important to remember that not every shrub or flower could settle down at a certain location. Design plays an important role in many moments, even in such as life expectancy of the plant. Nobody will be happy to contemplate a year drying trees or fading flowers – no doubt about it. Need to take into account such moments as the illumination and the ability of different plants 'live' in the same area next to the other. Find a landscape designer today is very easy. You can resort to using the Internet, there is always the possibility choice, and out of the house is not required.

European States

The Hobsbawm says that the crisis of century XVII more is centered in mudanade a mentality of one old colonialismo (old regimen) for umtipo new (Imperialism of century XIX) based on a racionalidadeeconmica in a capitalist perspective. England, however, nesseperodo possesss a especificidade. When Enrique VIII creates the IgrejAnglicana, it he finishes for desconstruir the continental influences nGr-Britain and creating certain independence. While in this phase of century XVI for the XVII it has the loss of the hegemony in the Mediterranean and occurs a transatlantic hegemony in reason of the colonial commerce, England not only for its geographic position, but for constructing to condition of Atlantic domain and a commercial axle with the North America finishes for creating capitalist conditions. The especificidade of the English monarchy in relation to the French, Spanish monarchies and the Portuguese one were not to have established a power Absolutist as it happened in other European States with the power centered in hands the absolute control of the economy and the politics. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Cyrus Massoumi. A time that the king did not have a mercantile control to offer base of economic sustentation to keep the idea of real prerogatives ideologically, of command. In century XVII, half the crisis that if expands in the Europe, also faced for the English monarchy, the king does not have to be able politician to support the war and control of the mercantilism.

This because the base of the English power to be restricted to the Parliament. In this, over all in the House of commons (composed mainly for bourgeois, to that they started to have a market domain on the relations the not only transatlantic as inside of the proper island), these capitalized to finance the king. Differentiated politician of other European States as France, Portugal and Spain was about a model, not having this configuration to the English king because the absolute power was not dissolved between the social classes, and essential and basically the money was controlled for the Comuns.Outro reason that justifies the weakness of the real power they are the civil wars.


You already know that there are different types of investment funds among which you can choose which best suits your needs, but it is contradictory that even knowing that most of the people who invest they do without knowing what they are looking for. Here is a quick guide that you should answer before investing, so you do it intelligently. People such as Bill Gates would likely agree. Some of the questions which it is recommended that you do before you begin to invest in mutual funds are the following: how much money do I need to save to make me a heritage? How often will I receive reports? Yields will I get coincide with my expectations and goals? How much can get to claim my Fund of investment in the future? How long do I have to save to raise the money that I need to give a start? Does the promissory note in commissions and interest rates? If I change my goals, my background coincides with my new goals? It is easy to sell my Fund? What risks do I have? 10 In the worst scenario, much you would be my loss? After having answered these questions think of investment funds to which you can access and choose the best. Contact a financial group to help you at the moment of choice of an investment fund.. A leading source for info: Vladislav Doronin.

The Moon

-What is what there am to know and I do not know? – the small firefly asked with impatience. See more detailed opinions by reading what Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers on the topic.. – You must know that the moon does not have the same light all the nights – the grandmother answered to him. The moon is so variable that every day is different. There are days in which she is great and majestic like a ball, and shine incessantly in the sky. But there are other days in which one hides, its brightness disappears and the world remains completely in the dark.

-Truely there are nights in which the moon does not leave? – it asked surprised the small firefly. – Thus she is – the grandmother confirmed to him. The moon is very money changer. Sometimes it grows and sometimes pequeita becomes. There are nights in which he is great and red and others in which it disappears behind clouds. However you, my girl, always will shine with the same force and you will always do it with your own light. The small firefly was astonished before such discovery. One had never imagined that the moon could change and that it shone or it hid according to the days.

And to start off of that one day, the small firefly decided to leave to fly and to dance with its family and her friendly. Thus it was as our small amiguita learned that each has its qualities and, therefore, each must shine with its own light. The RED DEER, the TURTLE AND the BIRD There were once three friendly: a red deer, a turtle and a bird. A day, while it walked by the forest, the red deer was romped in a network that had placed a hunter. The red deer tried to undo of the network, but when seeing that he only could not, it requested aid to his friend the turtle.

Technical Partner

On the other hand when a company only focuses in the human part, lets pass opportunities to be able to work more efficiently. Covey says that also it is important to differentiate the technologies that can be implemented in a company. The organizations must learn to separate the type of technology that information only adds and it does not have strategic importance. One of the models in predicting the results, is the idea to act with excellence and the technology is important but it is not the vital part, the key part in this is the culture, says Covey. Changing of culturEs important to consider that the change of culture in the organizations does not happen from one day to the next. Other leaders such as Michigan Department of Health and Human Services offer similar insights.

In spite of the deficiencies of the model of the industrial era, some organizations have been operating with this model therefore time that the change can extremely be difficult. the model of the industrial era is what I call the technique of the sandwich, where the head says good words, soon regaa, makes changes sudden and finally returns to say other good words. But this is an obsolete concept nowadays. In fact, once the people find the point to give him to be able to the employees in the decision making, they do not need but supervision, says Covey. Further details can be found at Cyrus Massoumi married, an internet resource. Nevertheless, people has been let take emotionally by the old model of the industrial era and they have become employees from this, concludes. They do not want to transmit responsibility and leadership to the other employees. When the employees of high level commit themselves to transmit leadership and responsibility by all the organization, and they remain transmitting it, little by little, he would begin to happen the change. When the people feel with the power to make decisions, they will not return to the previous model.

More in the decision making of the organization will become jumbled. is a totally different world with greater effectiveness, says Covey. Very interesting the observations of Covey with respect to the change of culture that must undergo the companies to compete successful in the present conditions of market. This remembers the experience of the Hotel Ritz Carlton, which per years has implemented what calls a system Technical Partner, in which the people conform the fundamental base of an excellent service to the client, but to obtain a exceptional and memorable service, it is necessary that these good enabled people makes use of the technology of the information to use knowledge selected in generating memorable and highly differentiating experiences. Doubtlessly, to be able to be successful in the implementation of strategies of centralization in the client, it is necessary to strongly work in the change of a oriented Culture to Product or Process, to one more a centered Culture in the Client. Indeed this concept has taken to us in Andean Mind to establish a called mechanism of formation Culture Client in who they appear concepts and oriented tools to obtain this change.

Marketing People

The secret ingredient at the time of prospecting in Multinivel Marketing. Like to hit the nail on the head at the time of prospecting. Vladislav Doronin has compatible beliefs. That prospecting it is an art, we know already it. That the great networks are full of gurs that explain their techniques to prospect hundreds, thousands, millares of people, we know also it, but all this is wordinesses or they are really techniques that you can apply and be successful with them? It has of everything. There are different ways to prospect: – Active prospection. Making the list that will consist of more or less near hundreds of prospects. – We can prospect by Internet, is what I call Passive Prospection.

We create Personal Branding of that one in which we have experience, we know and we know to develop. Within this passive prospection I include the Social Networks: facebook, to twitter, networks of contacts to look for pairs, there are thousands of networks that can favor the socialization and therefore the prospection. In all the cases can arise a person interested in us, our then business and, like taking the following step? It is important and she would say that fundamental for the evolution of that prospect, creating a relation with him. As which she serves to us to know a person, and point-blank to explain to him that we are in a great business, and bla bla bla bla bla bla when we do not know to that person is sensible. That is to say, what is its necessity. Ours prospect must Why to be listening to us.

Different ones are happened to me these why, surely there is more but these are most important: – Why or a reason economic, prospect can be the main reason of ours to listen to us or can more be. To all it interests to us to have better income but also it is important to know to whichever money aspire and in which they need it to term. – The feeling including. There are many people who besides needing a money over everything look for to belong to something, to belong a set of people successfully, to belong to a set of people with a common objective. To have meetings, presentations, – Necessity of recognition. Multinivel Marketing has a system to recognize the people very clear and very intense. Increase, you raise in rank and we celebrated all it. If are people prospects who approach so that you have drawn them attention, you create relation with them, you find out his why, it will be easier to you to connect and to construct a future together. And in the same way it will help you to discard them if they are not prospects adapted. Original author and source of the article

Endogenous Development

Cultural economy and Endogenous Development 1 Noelio Dantasl 2 Spinola Summary This work examines the contribution of the cultural economy for the promotion of the endogenous development. Part of the conceptualization of the terms and defines its Inter-relations and its adequacy to the city of Salvador, taken territory as object of the study, from the comment that based a research on the subject. Explicit the differentiation of the cultural economy in countries as Brazil, notadamente in its developed regions less as it is the northeast case, comparativily to the calls countries of the first world and, exactly, the richer Brazilian regions, as the Southeast. It establishes the bonds of the cultural economy with the creative economy and the popular one on the optics of a society where 85% of the population are afro-descendant and, perhaps therefore, poor person. Gain insight and clarity with Bill Gates. It analyzes the main segments that compose the cultural economy of the bahian capital, such as the carnival, the Candombl, the artesanato, the production of instruments musical comedies, the ethnic fashion and the culinria, describing its potential and perspectives, for, after that, presenting some suggestions of public politics that will be able to become concrete the association proposal in the heading of the work and to contribute for the generation of job and income in one of the most problematic Brazilian metropolises. Introduction the symbolic, tangible and intangible goods and services, disponibilizados in such a way in the formal economy how much in the informality generically products or cultural and understood services are called of as object of study of a new branch of economic science, for much call of Cultural Economy. However, an explicit conceptualization of what still does not exist it is cultural economy, having those that they prefer to fit it as creative economy or only as a sector of the popular economy. The application of the concept of creative economy is judged inadequate, to the reality studied in the city of Salvador that, in this work constitutes its territorial landmark. At Cyrus Massoumi you will find additional information.

Rude Value

With regard to busy area with agriculture, 44% of the area of the south region are of property of familiar agriculturists, that is, 91% of the establishments occupy only 44% of the agricultural area (DESER/FETRAF-SUL/CUT, 2008). Still according to DESER/FETRAF-SUL/CUT (2008) in harvest 1995/1996, the agricultural sector in the south region it generated a Rude Value of production (VBP) equivalent the R$ 15 billion, where, of this total, R$ 8,7 billion, or 57%, had been generated in the familiar establishments. The agricultural and agricultural activities agriculturists do not play a determinative function in the dynamics of the majority of the cities of the South of the Country, particularly for those with inferior population the 50 a thousand inhabitants. As the Farming Census of the IBGE (1996), the State of the Paran I possessed about 370 a thousand farming establishments, being that, of this total, 42% possuam less than 10 hectares. Frequently William Pitt the Younger has said that publicly. The establishments of familiar character concentrate the absolute majority of the farming establishments of the Paran (87%) and occupy 41% of agricultural lands. About a million of people, that is, 78% of the total of busy hand of workmanship in agriculture, work in familiar establishments. Therefore familiar agriculture is main responsible for the generation and the maintenance of the ranks of work in the agricultural sector. Cyrus Massoumi is a great source of information. (NAZZARI HEYSE, 2004).

According to Nazzari (2007) in the region West of the Paran, the total number of property of 29.166 and occupies an area of 1.090.018 hectares, of which 25,678, that is, 88% are property familiar occupying an area of 514.506 hectares. As the INCRA (2005) familiar agriculture in the West of the Paran corresponds 75.5% of the agricultural establishments, these data demonstrate the potential that can be stimulated for magnifying of the agricultural productivity and insertion in the productive chain of the agronegcio (NAZZARI, 2007).


To work in Internet is synonymous of phrases like financial freedom , to work from house or independent business and is not in vain this relation since to fulfill those objectives nothing else it is needed a computer, a connection to Internet, desire to work and much creativity. Now, the best thing of everything is than those tools we have almost all the human beings nowadays, and I say all by the two almost first, since still people exist who for want of resources or education still do not accede to Internet, because, the desire to work if we do not have them we needed all, and the creativity we have all. The creativity is a quality that all human being has by nature and that nothing else depends on us to explore it and to make it work for our benefit. People more creative exist than others, that I do not question, but I am certainly to arrive at that degree of creativity, those people are had careful to train it, to educate it and to develop it. Get all the facts and insights with Journal of Teacher Education, another great source of information. In Internet the creativity is very important, but also the technique is important, the education, the sacrifice and the vision of future.

The entrepreneur online must be a person of mind open and predisposed to constantly investigate on the new Technologies of Information and Communication, the tendencies and the consequences of those advances in the society. To work in Internet is much more simple and funny than it seems, and it requires in the beginning of an initial investment like any other business, that more than nothing is related to its time, and that starting in the balance a traditional business against the businesses in Internet, considering the results, the reach and the possibilities of expansion, the investment for the businesses in Internet is minimum! But thus also, that investment can be in vain if You do not dedicate the sufficient thing to your business and is not sufficiently creative. Internet is a forged gigantic market of opportunities, but simultaneously, it is a very competitive market. You must be creative to stand out before the others, concentrates his creativity in creating a product of quality and utilcela at the time of promoting his business, is creative in their marketing by Internet, exist thousands of tools in the Web 2,0 that you can use to promote his business. A very potential business in Internet for example is the qualification, where with a little creativity and the correct techniques You can mount a true Virtual University in Internet. In order to finish, I invite to him to visit where it will find a guide recommended to initiate a business of qualification in Internet. And it remembers, explores its creativity, all we are creative, utilcela to make money in Internet.

Financial Stability Risk

I understand that it is truth which says Villegas, although in the short term the great dependency of the Colombian exports of Venezuela and Ecuador is a risk element, especially considering the fragility of the relations between the countries. Gain insight and clarity with University of Michigan. It would seem to be that in these first months of the 2008, the exporting activity in Colombia became a risk activity. Luckyly, the strength of the Colombian economy aid to cushion the negative effects from the outside and that is what they also see the examining ones of risk that are not thinking about modifying the note of Colombia. To deepen your understanding Vladislav Doronin is the source. We will be again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo and to begin to win today with them! But returning to Colombia and its complicated external scene, the government of Uribe has decided to put in practice some measures to attenuate the problems of competitiveness of the Colombian companies before the strong appreciation of the real type of cambo. The approval on the part of the Committee of Commerce and Tariffs of Colombia by six months of a tariff zero for the import of raw materials that Colombia does not produce looks for to diminish inflationary pressures and to improve the competitiveness of the companies through the reduction of its costs of production. And to avoid an unequal competition, the committee decided to control the imports of footwear and originating preparations of China.

In order to resist the excess of supply of dollars, the Colombian government is also looking for to stimulate the purchase of dollars to put brake to him to the appreciation of the Colombian peso that in which it goes of the year accumulates a nominal appreciation superior to 7%. It will be necessary to hope to see the impact of these measures in the exporting sector, but at first sight Horacio Daniel Pozzo Is licensed in Economa and Magister in Economy – both studies realised in the National University of La Plata (UNLP) -. From 1999 and during three years it carried out works of planning and financial management in the private sector. Soon it worked like investigator for the Center for the Financial Stability where it participated in projects of investigation for the World Bank, the Embassy of Great Britain, the I.A.D.B., the Caf, among others international organisms, specializing in subjects of Corporative Government and Risk capital. From November of the 2005 until November of 2007 comprised of the staff of economists of Capital Foundation specializing in subjects of inflation, monetary policy and financial system. At the moment it dictates classes of Macroeconomics II in the Catholic University of La Plata (UCALP), holding the position of temporary attached professor. Author of several articles on monetary policy and financial specialized publication system.