People Are Now Much Older, But Also Much More Sick!

About 61 percent of all Americans suffer from obesity and ill-health, and 27 per cent, so half of these people, even morbidly obese… are …so very that they have almost no hope and they no longer know to whom they can turn to get help. Also in Western Europe, Japan and other industrialized countries, the situation is similar. University of Cambridge is often quoted as being for or against this. Paul Zane Pilzer, world renowned economist, software multimillionaire, entrepreneurs, University Professor and author of three bestsellers, writes in his book ‘ the next billion’: it was September 7, 1996 in the RCA dome in Indianapolis. I prepared me to be the keynote speaker in front of 45,000 people. …

Like almost everywhere in the United States was roughly half of the audience overweight and unhealthy, a direct consequence of the wrong diet and little exercise wonder, then, that these people were tired. For most anything of what I would say about the economy, would be of importance until they had learned it better for your body to ensure. I got the strange need to throw my prepared speech to the trash and to tell my audience that good health is more important than of all wealth; but I didn’t make it out of fear. …” “On the return flight the next morning I started this topic to confront me: most people sacrificed time and money, to change their lives, but they left what they had to change actually as a first disregard this.” People not be disadvantaged today because of their race or their sex, but especially because of their appearance. Johns Hopkins President shines more light on the discussion. Obesity and poor health have far more consequences than just for the exterior.

As they took underweight with poverty and overweight with wealth in connection in the past, so the overweight are now more the social fringe groups. Not only overweight are unhealthy, even if it is not aware of many. Modern medicine calls on the people to accept pain, as well as fatigue, Body aches, arthritis and hundreds other physical problems, because they are the inevitable symptoms of an ageing population. But all these problems are mostly such as overweight and obesity, the direct result of a poor diet. This has mainly economic causes. A powerful, heavy trillion food industry bombards us daily with messages that should encourage us to eat bad food. Karl Pilsl, a successful entrepreneur born in Austria and author of more than 20 books, said; Let’s determine your life not by your problems, but by the opportunities that plug into these problems. Each issue includes also a chance a solution approach. Look at the solution and the magnitude of the problem is relativized. We are not only the overcomers, we are more than overcomers.”