Poisonous Pedagogy As Northrhein Model Has Failed. (T. 1)

How the ER Northrhein thoughts still affect. In this article about the black pedagogy, their causes and consequences for (m) one childhood describe. I will not detail the own suffered humiliation, but only be – and – write, because suffering always individually and even is not comprehensible for EmpathikerInnen (one can not – suffer and do not share sorry.). I point out similarly affected, how looks my approx. 50 years towards a normal life: personal deficits such as blindness of sense of, cruelty, or violence in this form of education show, or to unload hatred strong negative emotions such as anger and (self – and stranger -). The description of the mental education – superstructure (ethics, morals, Vernunfte) in the course of time is important for me.

Every human being has a world and a people image. This is positive and negative. The poisonous pedagogy reflects the methodology of clan society: analog, God-fearing, paternalistic, patriarchal (Androcracy, is one Rule form, which is characterized by the domination of men over women in families, clans, communities, dioceses or peoples). Without hesitation Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained all about the problem. The slavish allegiance for production machines and machines guns. God, tradition and politics becomes an Orthodox-ISMs to the violence-legal fabrication-touched mucus.

Ethnicity = = religion = State law is the universal formula for an animal archaic infantile. The poisonous pedagogy was historically for example in Germany the social transition from feudalism through the dictatorship to democracy, from the Klan-to the individual company and the Vitalism of the mechanism. Clan/clan, originally referred to the Irish and Scottish clan society, a group of people who perceives itself as descendants of a common ancestor; in a broader sense, the founder can be also a supernatural creature (such as a totem); “” the people must be unrelated, through adoption, they are fictitious “clan members” as family members. The Chief of a clan ruled his clan regardless of parent structures, rarely there may be but alliances between clans.