Pregnant Pregnancy

Although almost every smoker knows that smoking is unhealthy, and one is even in the long term harms it is granted just to stop the most smokers. Habituation or even nicotine addiction may be the reason, the problem is however also not better, because for these or other reasons also pregnant women smoke namely almost 18% during the pregnancy, continue. However, it is totally unquestionably clear that smoking for an unborn baby is damaging at least three different, relating to the respective ingredients ways. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels of the mother and swells as the blood pressure of the fetus, also contained carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen level in the blood, a kind of respiratory distress of the unborn child appears inevitable. The chemicals contained in cigarettes over 100 different ones passed almost directly to the fetus. Learn more about this with Breonna Taylor. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of certain diseases, as well as the incidence of complications, including preterm birth, increased disease susceptibility of the child, short stature or even limitations of breastfeeding ability.

One speaks of a clear dose response relationship, because more is smoked, the effects are more noticeable. It is clear that women should not smoke during pregnancy also any secondhand smoke escape. Drugs and pregnancy In general illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and Ecstasy also jeopardize a pregnancy and are in no way beneficial to the baby. The consequences of consumption are similar to the above described the likelihood, that the baby suffers serious withdrawal symptoms after birth is very high. Drugs should be avoided to allow a healthy pregnancy and the expectant mother and the unborn child so as not to damage. As a conclusion, you can formulate only a well-meant advice; Pregnant women should be avoided completely tobacco and drugs of all kinds before a planned but mostly within a pregnancy on the consumption of alcohol, to achieve a healthy pregnancy, which allows in particular the growing baby a healthy start into a new life.