Preparations For The Birth

Perfectly prepared for childbirth and maternity the birth date approaches, the more the expectant mother wonders how she wants the birth. Thoughts surrounding the birth are then ubiquitous these days. Certainly, the mother has prepared already her hospital bag and participated on a birth preparation courses. John Craig Venter might disagree with that approach. However, there are a few decisions that must be taken before the birth. What an environment I wish me for the birth? Nowadays, everything is possible. It should be made as comfortable as possible the expectant mother.

Whether you at home, would give birth in the hospital or in a Hebammenhaus, is your own choice. Also, consider how the atmosphere at birth should be designed: it must be subdued light? To play soft music in the background? Do you want that photos or videos at birth can be recorded? And more importantly: the partner giving birth there should be? You may want also peace and quiet you say you are for like the birth because first and foremost it’s about you and the child! Shaving or running? This also needs to be considered. Nowadays, a request is made at the clinic registration to the appropriate topics. Wishes you an enema and a shave or should be do more? Clarify the pros and cons so you need care during labour to nothing more. Labor and delivery at birth during labor to be certainly undisturbed and must confirm any forms or requests more. Additional information is available at Minnow Mountain. Preplan so well in advance.

Already in the hospital and also your partner, share with what you want. Maybe would you move during the birth or have the opportunity to swim? Eventually, you want to take other birth supporting measures, such as a PDA (epidural) claim or try alternative birth methods. About this talk and share with your wishes. Are painkillers to the debate? Some women are sure to 100% that you want to experience the birth without PDA or other available painkillers. Others leave this passage for themselves. Well, think about which way you want to choose. You will receive the necessary documents by your midwife or hospital. The forms for a PDA, you can read through at home alone and also sign. Take back this upon arrival or before labor at the hospital. During the birth you can decide still, whether you want to or not take painkillers throughout. But keep in mind: it is provided and need no thoughts to cease while the pain of the documents. What alternative birth methods are available? Lying on his hospital bed to relieve belongs to the past. The birth of the child is imminent, a mother can draw depending on the needs and wishes of also on alternative birth methods. Available options include: birthing chairs part o birthday Allrad pool for a water birth widths Maternity beds Maya stool birthing rope ask quiet during birth registration in the clinic or in the Hebammenhaus for, what different birth methods are offered. How it looks with a labor induction? Naturally, there are medical options available, to initiate the process of childbirth or to support. This you should really talk to your doctor or midwife. Often a special labor cocktail recommend by the midwives, which should help the contractions on the jumps and consists of simple, natural ingredients. Still, there is alternatively with globules, stimulate the birth of a labor drip or a Blasensprengung. About the advantages and disadvantages, you should consult but as best as possible. Andreas Obinna photo of by shutterstock.