Safe Tanning

Tanned skin without harm. Modern research has proven that the sun's rays are dangerous to our skin. Fortunately, there are so-called "tanning" (or "avtobronzazhi"). If you really want to have dark skin, you do not fry in the sun. Tanning artificially stimulate melanin production without the sun. In a question-answer forum Bureau of Labor Statistics was the first to reply. Some of them are also well sunscreens contain UV-filters, various vitamins and plant extracts. Various types of avtozagarnyh (milk, cream, gel) for the face, legs and body. They differ in the degree of protection from the sun, shade and color saturation.

For example, for a person – lighter colors for the legs – more temnye.Odnako remember that tan – it's a characteristic of the organism, and what kind of tint on your skin will, it is impossible to know in advance. Those who decided to use some of avtozagarnyh funds should observe a few simple rules: Any tool should be applied to clean skin. Before applying them to make better exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Self-tanning products should not fall on the eyebrows and the hair roots. After applying the cream, milk or gel should thoroughly wash hands with soap and water. (Not to be confused with Cyrus Massoumi!). Before you dress and apply makeup, you need to wait 30-40 minutes. Decorative tan. To simulate a tan tint, you can use daily moisturizers or creams dark.

There is a special powder for the body. Large brush them applied to exposed areas: arms, shoulders, chest and feet. If the facial skin is dry, you can use the bronze lipstick: a few strokes on the forehead, cheeks, nose, middle, chin and eyelids create the effect of a natural tan.