School Work

They start I mumble in it, therefore the parents, acertadamente, stimulate its children in these experiences by means of an affectionate, patient and repetitive dialogue, bedding of the true language. This occurs when the mother packs the son to sleep with cantigas to sing to sleep, that for cited author, they are poetical games, that continue for infancy, to play of wheel, for ' ' bater' ' or for ' ' fechar' ' in the game of hide-it hides, to jump rope, to play amarelinha, among others, by means of versinhos rhymed, unhappyly each time less in elapsing of infancy. Everything this is a cultural patrimony that the child takes to the school and of which frequently is excluded, for being considered delinquent or little ' ' acadmico' '. However, we have in the folklore a source much rich the one that to appeal to continue playing, not to lose the memory as people and to make a work attractive metalingstico. In this direction, the educator has a multiple work, where he must create ways that take the children to continue learning to speak and to use the language in the different registers and levels for which he has a function. For this, the development of an interactive work of the professor with the children is essential and the author affirms despite, the professor must through the dialogue, to know where situation is its pupils at each moment, but also must make use of resources so that, by means of the game, he can obtain the intended objectives. So that the school is effective in the objective to teach to read, to write and if to express in competent way its alunado, it must favor development of the language in the diverse uses and functions that can carry through, as much in informal situations of game, spontaneous dialogue with the colleagues, as in the other most formal ones, in which the expositivo, argumentativo level, or another one intends to use a language with bigger precision. .