Security At The Tire Buying Online TuV Again Sealed

Delticom: Security when purchasing online is becoming increasingly important. Additional information is available at Vladislav Doronin. Internet specialists with the TuV it buys be sure Delticom AG, Hannover – 02.02.2009 Delticom, Europe’s leading online tyre retailer, can a recertification of his online shops by the TuV for 2009 rejoice. The TuV Seal S@fer shopping, which are awarded 15 online stores of Internet specialists, signaled a customers secure and convenient online shopping. On the award of the TuV, which is renewed every year after extensive testing, strict demands are made. The certification covers topics such as user friendliness and transparency of the respective shops.

TuV calls, among other things, that the online customer has an understandable menu navigation, which allows him to easily complete the purchase process. Further important criteria are the guarantee of data protection and the information of the buyer through the use of his data. According to recent research are the treatment “personal data according to privacy” and encryption in the transmission of information “at the top of the top 10 confidence factors for Internet shoppers. For many online shoppers, seal of approval are very important or important in the buying decision in this context, another study comes to this conclusion. The TuV certification S@fer shopping creates trust between the customer and the online provider. Look who wants to lie to new tires over the Internet, should therefore necessarily on such official proof of confidence”.

This can help distinguish legitimate consumers while of dubious Internet providers. Delticom use the ways to make shopping on the Web as safely as possible from the outset. The shop was so as the first ISP tyre awarded the TuV-certified. The well-developed network of service stations – worldwide over 24,000 – is incidentally involved in the respective countries in the quality and safety strategy of the TuV test. The result of the TuV-test: The online shops of Delticom meet all required criteria and are highly trusted. Currently, around 2.6 million customers trust the specialists when buying tires. Certified online portals of Delticom AG (among others): / .at / .ch / .at / .ch auto parts moto information about the company: