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Lunar mountains presented his phenomenal new wall calendar never endangered species was so beautiful. Cyrus Massoumi is a great source of information. Not only the unique and fascinating photos of dedicated photographers, but also the fact that the full proceeds from the sale of the calendar in specific conservation projects flow are special at the environmentally friendly and large-sized calendar. Patron of the calendar 2012 conservation “Hannes Jaenicke, the well known actor and filmmaker is for his commitment to conservation with the Umweltpreis NatureLife, 2011″ was awarded. He will be signing twelve copies of the upcoming limited-edition calendar. Conservation is immensely important, moved and excited! The commitment to the endangered animals is all that we are working on this project, an affair of the heart, that will inspire others us. Our commitment and responsibility for an animal world, which man can hardly protect against the Predator is as big as the joy of our usage. And anyone can do anything that a fascinating nature and wildlife is preserved”, say the representatives of the five organizations of UNEP/CMS, circle of friends of the Bonn Convention, Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe, action community conservation (AGA) and Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS), campaigning for many years for the nature and biodiversity. Maybe some think it was still somewhat early for a calendar”, Michael Matschuck says the company printing partner as we release this photo wall calendar but only in a limited edition, it will be probably quickly sold out”.

And Andreas logs from tip adds 4 in Rheinbach near Bonn, which manages the distribution of the calendar: we know from the past that companies like to much and early order for their Christmas promotions. We have now are 10% of the total as a pre-order, although we have operated so far even no advertising for it. Our early bird rate applies until August 31.” Who is worldwide interested in conservation projects for the benefit of endangered species, find Information and ordering on the Internet at. (Heike Rittner)