Super Memory Learn

Again in benefits for students is a lot of intricate techniques for memorizing. Great difficulty to remember already own these techniques than anything else with them. We simply do not have time for all this, the memory needed to improve right now. Remember for all your long and happy life: Never complain about the quality of their memory. Do you already now, at this point in time, the most powerful and excellent memory, what can be. You can remember anything. You able to memorize quickly and permanently.

– None of the computer world can not remember as much as I – My bruise is phenomenal – I memorized instantly – nothing compares to my memory of a bad mood, melancholy, depression, apathy throwing away and bury deep. You all are always happy and confident. Such a mood – your daily intake. Now go 1) First of all, you clearly defined what you learn, teach that. If you answer type 'I need this to pass and forget', then instantly improve memory, do not wait.

Should be clear and serious purpose. For example: – The information relates to my profession. This is useful in my future profession and allow me to earn huge money. Horror, as I like a lot of money! Quickly be! Item can not apply to your specialty, then fit these pens: – Am I a fool, do not learn it? It's very simple! So do it! – What hemorrhoid will then re-take it all! Again, this running for teachers. In any case I will not tolerate it! 2) Now imagine that you get after learning the text. – Learn the text, I pass my penultimate exam. Remains one more, but that – quite simple. Answering this question, I'm going home to rest. What quickly learn, the sooner find myself among their relatives. How long I was not at home! Rather be there! Forward! 3) Say out loud 20 times, you have super- excellent memory. The most funny is that this is the case in reality. It's true, but you do not suspect this. If after reading this mantra, your brain will tell you: – are persecuting friend! Your memory will not do. " Then you refer to it: – 'I decided pin up, villain, eh? '. 4) Do not learn the material as a whole, trying to build a logical chain, and more telling in their own words. Get down!