It is difficult to mensurar, in the current days, where the paper of an Administrator could not be exerted. It is indispensable to say that, in any company, for minor who is, a manager enabled to giving a necessary aiming to it becomes necessary; this capacity then is worked in the courses of graduation and specialization of the administrative area, so that it does not happen again what it was common in the past: due to lack of enabled Administrators, professional of diverse areas (without being administrative) they occupied positions of management in organizations. It is for this and other reasons that the market of today, extremely competitive, waits to catch more able professionals each time, who can develop abilities throughout the time, and that, mainly, ' ' they learn aprender' ' , collaborating for the organization of which they are part and, going beyond, they can also contribute for its personal development. A to be questioned point is: why in the current days, exactly with the quality each time bigger aggregate in the courses of graduation in Administration, and all the basement that if constructs in definitive courses in the area, many Administrators loses its places for professionals of other areas, as Lawyers, Doctors, and Engineers? Perhaps the reply for this question she is very subjective to be answered in some lines of an article, but what if subentende is that lacks some thing that the Administrators not yet are making, or better, they are leaving to make. In the theory and the practical one, it is possible to describe with clarity the true paper of the Administrator in Brazil? It has differences between the two? Leaving of this estimated if it makes necessary to have conscience of what the Administrator of today will be able to make daqui for ahead reverting this situation, a time that, as well as the Lawyer, the Engineer, and many other professionals, its paper also it is basic for some sectors of the Brazilian economy, that is what it puts into motion of some form our businesses and our country. .

Administration Companies

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE As if to make to understand the importance of the System of Management in the administration of an organization not only thinking about certificaoHow of understand the importance of the Management System administration of an organization not only in thinking certificationRenato Beserra Da Silva, Specialist Engineering of the Integrated Quality, University Nine of July, UNINOVE 01156-050, So Paulo, SP email: renatobds@ Claudineia Helena Recco, Master, University Nine of July, UNINOVE 01156-050, So Paulo, SP, (11-91015540). Email: clau_recco@ ResumoAps years acting in the area of the quality, and ahead of some examples of successes of companies that exactly not having no type of certification in some type of system, if keeps forts and leaders in the market. Not yet they are seen in the obligatoriness of if having implemented a system of management with the objective of if getting a certificate. This article sample that the certification, whichever, is a natural consequence of if working with quality taking care of itself the applicable legislaes and norms for its area of business. Add to your understanding with Levi’s. Many times companies as being a ghost the implantation of a system, whichever, therefore directly intervenes with the day the day of a company and many times considered as requisite of a customer, who wants to see the certificate, and for times she is felt in the obligatoriness to implement it to take care of to this requirement, losing itself the agreement of the program of which she is implanting, not valuing the powerful tool that has in its hands for its administration and for consequence, the continuous improvement. Words Keys: Quality; System of Management, Organization and Administration. AbstractAfter years working in quality, and before several examples of successes of companies that not even having any kind of certification, adds type of system, remains strong and market leaders. Although not seen in the you have implemented management system certified.