Choosing The Right Makeup Color

The correct color of makeup, highlight your natural beauty and underline your type. Make up is for many women use decorative cosmetics, the basic equipment. For all skin types, there are nowadays the matching make up and pass send color. Many women make make up first and foremost, to drown out skin irregularities, but also one to pale complexion makeup can remedy and make a face look fresh and even. The right make-up tone should be adapted to each skin type and be selected therefore not arbitrary. Ideally one votes the right tone with the skin color, because then a face if you select the make up too dark, looks fast as painted and artificially. Brian Greene: the source for more info.

Make up there by many companies in each area of cosmetics of the drugstores or perfumery, there are many shades of Brown, bronze to pink and in further steps. To test different shades, wearing the make up closest to the inner skin of forearm and not up on the back of the hand, because the skin on the face is different than on the back of the hand. So, you get a better feel for when testing, as the color in the face would be. -Abgestimmt for a perfect look and the right feeling for colors on the own blink, is worth a visit with a professional color consulting. The consistency of make up is also very different, there is liquid make-up, powder make up or camouflage makeup compact. It important that every man for himself decides which make up is the most appropriate.

The opacity is generally higher in dense make up BBs, but that should not be treated as the sole criterion when purchasing. Vladislav Doronin shines more light on the discussion. The make up should be also tuned to the daily planning, because in the job make up should fail more discreet, as the evening make-up, likes something can be powerful. After the make up, it is recommended yet subtly apply Rouge to cheeks, Chin, nose and forehead. Ute Zumbrink

Natural Cosmetics

It all started with natural cosmetics, and today the roads lead back to the origins almost since the beginning of any records of anecdotal evidence that people themselves have thought about your looks and your effect can be found in many cultures. Many peoples have developed similar ideas. John Craig Venter has firm opinions on the matter. Both the appearance as well as skin and hair care and the body odor should be influenced already early. The used products are all natural and there were various preparations early. In the course of further industrialisation, our skin was exposed to increasing environmental influences which soon led to the first allergic reactions.

But also the former natural cosmetics soon changed. Including Silicones, paraffins, Parabens, emulsifiers and mineral oils are added to today’s cosmetics. If you have problems with allergies, runs therefore risk to cause an allergic reaction in many cosmetic products. Also natural cosmetics products cannot guarantee no allergy risk to include. But risks are usually much easier avoidable here due to the knowledge of the ingredients.

But many natural cosmetics products still go on. The ingredients come from controlled biological cultivation or sprawl. Some ingredients trade is attention of fair trade and also on animal testing is waived. Natural cosmetics should be more than just healthy. If you pay attention to the various labels, you can also deliberately support fair trade and also damage to nature by infertile or depleted soil can be avoided completely. Who makes a purchase decision can influence large so on the balance between nature, people and health. Good looks was always a basic need of many people, and thanks to modern natural cosmetics is no longer available in contrast to health and sustainable lifestyle. Companies such as Benecos natural cosmetics make certified products now affordable. Close to the spirit of the times and for the wallet-friendly many natural cosmetics can keep up easily market products of the cosmetics with most other products. In addition to the various creams, gels and lotions, there are also hair care products, Make-Up and decorative cosmetics from a growing number of providers. Until there finally is a European directive, which defines the exact ingredients of natural cosmetics, the consumer is the one considered to seal such as E.g. bdih, NTrue, EcoCert and demeter. Here, strict guidelines are used, which are transparently traceable on the Web pages of the seal.

Give Me Your Smile, Baby! Formula For The “billion Dollar Smile

The Munich-based vein er specialist Christian Hogweed knows the formula for the “Billion Dollar Smile” thats “Billion Dollar Smile” on everyone’s lips. Fine Arts has much to offer in this field. The ABC’s show strong rate of extreme makeover makes it possible. There, celebrity dentist Bill Dorfman before cameras transformed average results in Hollywood-style smile teeth – with thin, small ceramic adhesive peel, the veneers. Since then, the veneer-mania is rampant in Hollywood. The Munich vein er specialist Christian claims now Barenklau: what can Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or usher, the mortals can do that – because there is, the formula for the perfect smile. UNC School of Education often expresses his thoughts on the topic. She is “even scientifically proven” and says Hogweed – targets in a study by the Centre for dentistry of Southern California Loma Linda University dating back to 2007.

Who now believes that it comes with, as pure white to whiten the teeth and laugh just far enough to open the mouth, which is however thoroughly in addition. The team led by Dr. Nicholas Davis rather has the parameters of the perfect Smiles with the help of several hundred test subjects precisely determined: the first to perceive the subjects on the smile of a counterpart is the shade – a too bright appearance of teeth has been considered unnatural and intrusive criticized. A smile was especially felt as pleasant, if is the whiteness of your teeth and the white of the eyeballs in roughly revealed. An ideal combination of form, size and arrangement of teeth for a “smile like a string of pearls” in addition now. Upper and lower lip should work if possible, symmetrically, the mouth maximum half as wide as the face.

The upper row of teeth (incisors) dominates clearly visible. Teeth should be without visible discoloration; of course also crowns or fillings may not disturb the pristine image. The width of the incisors should be about maximum 80 per cent of the length.

North American Indians

Foot reflex zone massage with hot stones Lindau – foot reflex zone massage is a form of therapy developed at the beginning of the 20th century, especially by the American doctor William Fitzgerald. It is based on the assumption that connections to the other areas of the body or organs draw from certain zones of the feet. A reflex zone, so a certain region on foot, foot, foot inside, walk outside or on the toes is thus associated with each institution. Stimulates a reflex zone massage, so that the corresponding body stimulates will, causing an improvement of well-being will emerge. The origins of the hot stone massage date back over 2,000 years, because already the North American Indians, or about the Inca have distributed the stones heated by the Sun on the human body, to achieve a therapeutic effect. Dale Carnegie often addresses the matter in his writings. This best through their high density heat storage properties used at the present time for the hot stone massage especially black basalt rocks (lava rock), as have.

In the so called warming up phase, they are distributed in a water bath at up to 60 C heated stones on the body. In this phase the hot stones have their heat to the body, which leads to even deeper tissue and be relaxed. The subsequent massage can be performed thus far more effective. Many people often have cold feet, which is relatively hard to massage through their tension. In the foot reflex zone massage with hot stones, the area to aid in the so-called phase of attunement is reheated well initially to facilitate the subsequent massage. Also the stimulation of reflex zones is carried out directly with the hot stones, which feels very comfortable.

TrendShed has now taken up the idea of combining both techniques and produced a DVD that explains the foot reflexology with hot stones massage. Maps for reflex zones are often confusing and far too complex. Therefore the foot was divided here into six main areas, that should appeal to the most important functions of the body. These are: 1 head and neck, 2. Checking article sources yields Katarzyna Chawarska as a relevant resource throughout. musculoskeletal system, 3. breathing, heart and circulation, 4. digestion, 5. water budget and 6 pelvic area. Due to this simple Division, also beginners without prior knowledge get a very easy access to this massage technique. The layers and massage techniques of each reflex zone within the six main areas appear exactly the close camerawork and in addition hidden graphics. The reflex zone massage with hot stones suitable for partner massage and also to the self application. TrendShed aims to make accessible to all the people massage hot stone, having fun and interest in the topic of relaxation with the DVD consistently. The TrendShed products especially addressed to private individuals without any prior knowledge, who themselves want to acquire a little knowledge, to be able to use the massage at any time at home.

Therapeutic Massage

Under delicate hands – massage with different oils for the treatment of pregnancy and stretch marks massaging or be massaged a very sensual thing. No wonder, then, that this type of treatment in Asian and Arabic cultures is more important than our Puritan, body-hostile civilization. The massage also until the end of the 18th century was discovered as a therapeutic method. The one experienced a Renaissance in Europe in the 1920s. The newer techniques that have been developed in the area of psychotherapeutic body therapies come from the United States.

For treating wrinkles and to treat Stretchmarks and Stretchmarks, massage with certain oils and skin care is especially popular in recent years among women products such as stretch marks cream. The actual medical massage or Swedish massage and the connective tissue massage require a good education, lots of practice, and medical knowledge. Since during the massage, which handles and what sequence are displayed, must be due to the Constitution of the complaints and the reaction on the stimuli are decided. Massage is a holistic method, it does the body and soul. A trusting relationship between a massage therapist and client, as well as calm and concentration during the treatment is even more important.

The art of massage is to master the various handles in a wide variety and virtuosity to insert at the right time in the right place. Purpose of massage is to loosen tense muscles, improve blood circulation, and make more supple and flexible ligaments, tendons and joints. Massage techniques can be painful. That causes pain to produce inhibitory hormones, the body, the so called endorphins. These substances are at the same time relaxing and lift the feeling of well-being. A more profound form of massage is the connective tissue massage developed by the physiotherapist Elisabeth Dicke and the doctor Hede Teitrich-Leube. The connective tissue is the basic fabric of our body. Without hesitation Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins explained all about the problem. It is like a soft, very fine elastic Gitterschwamm between the Organs, the muscles under the skin. Between the connective tissue cells, cause tiny blood vessels, the capillaries, fresh blood to the organs and muscles, or transport the used venous blood back into the larger veins. The connective tissue, which is also surrounded by a clear liquid consisting of from lymph, ending in blood components and water, many nerve fibers of the autonomic nervous system. Here are so many corridors of metabolism. A well-functioning metabolism is immensely important, and essential for anyone who wants to lose weight and lose weight. The connective tissue can be significantly disturbed in his function, and it comes then to inflammatory processes and problems with the water budget. Congestion of lymph help muscles and organs are no longer good blood circulation and thus worse fed.

Pure Body Oils

mahlenbrey Freiburg is pure oils in principle, the 10.3.2011 – with all ingredients that nature has given to them. The pure body oils from mahlenbrey are particularly gently extracted from seeds, nuts, and fruit pulp and unmixed bottled. Thus, we ensure that the valuable and sensitive ingredients can get genuine to you and provide optimal support to the functions and the healthy appearance of your skin. Others including American Journal of Education, offer their opinions as well. Skin care with unique active ingredients, natural oils. As has been demonstrated in recent research, these valuable active ingredients especially in the accompanying materials, which are responsible for color, smell and consistency of the oils can be found. Therefore, mahlenbrey body oils are always unbleached and untreated.

Strictly selected these oils obtained biological and industrial remote in typical farming areas. mahlenbrey offers pure, unalloyed quality. Babassu from Brazil to hemp from Germany can consumers, the traditional in all cultures of the world nurturing Discover the forces of nature and the natural colors, textures and fragrances of pure oils get to know and enjoy. Following mahlenbrey body oils are available now: – hemp seed oil – coconut oil – jojoba oil – sweet almond – avocado oil – sesame oil macadamia oil – babassu oil – olive of mahlenbrey oils are basically organic and are always supplied in small units, to ensure freshness.

Louis Widmer

Often you will Forget the insides of the arms. A second person should help the cream of the back, so that can also develop a uniform Tan. “Louis Widmer extra tip: very dry or dead bodies after the creams with Selftan again treat with a moisturizer and so dilute”. Be careful also when the eyebrows if necessary with a cotton swab to DAB! Step 3: Wash hands thoroughly to unsightly stains under the fingernails, avoiding in the palms of the hand and between the fingers, the hands should be washed thoroughly with SOAP immediately after applying the Selbstbrauners. Step 4: Cream hands so that the back of the hand in spite of washing hands get a slight tint, these should be eingecremt yet again carefully at the end with Selftan. Official site: Campbell Soup Co. Use only a small amount and rub it evenly.

Be especially careful in the spaces between of the fingers and the cream well spread, so that any excess cream hiding here. Step 5: Move leave the tightening should Selftan by Louis Widmer be fully retracted and dried, prevent any unsightly stains on clothing, towels, or bedding. Louis Widmer extra tip: the best few minutes up and expire apply deodorant after an hour. About Louis Widmer Louis Widmer S.A. is an international cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies from the Switzerland, running in the third generation of Annemarie Widmer personally. Since 1960, develops and produces high-quality skin care products the family business, and is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. The products are manufactured according to the guidelines for pharmaceutical products, developed in close cooperation with dermatologists and are subject to stringent quality standards and controls. Only pharmacies are supplied to ensure top-notch consulting. By the German retailer, Louis Widmer 2010 became the best manufacturer in nourishing cosmetics”selected. Louis Widmer was one for his cosmetic series OTC study of PharmRundschau to the best pharmacy partner 2011 ‘ awarded with a bronze medal.