Vladimir Zworykin

Interestingly, when almost 100 years ago, our countryman, Vladimir Zworykin invented the first modern model of television, people would assume that soon this gimmick will win the love and the location of the world? Rather, no. No one even could not imagine that it – the first step on the way to something grand and big. TV has become a mega-opening, surprising and useful innovation. With the advent of life it has reached a new, qualitatively higher level. What previously seemed impossible – has become real. People with difficulty break away from watching TV to relax and, again, to discuss innovation.

Over time, the TV and got used to watching a TV show or release of the latest news gathered without the prior hype. Global awareness on developments in the world, began to be perceived as something familiar and does not cause much surprise. Increasingly, people sigh, they say, would all the TV well, but …. That is, if we could take it on the road. Or to the country. Or fishing. And no, it hurts hard. Yes and no electricity will not work.

Probably, these feelings led people who first came up with another invention, however useful and interesting – personal computers, and then – laptops. But with the advent of laptops and computers, televisions sharp left by the wayside. Indeed, any sense to expect a TV show, view a lot of advertising, if it all goes on your PC without advertising, and at the time that is convenient for you? Yes, online TV was the discovery of even more ambitious than the TV. A rapid development of Internet just went for him. Now every other zealous fan of the TV to the side of TV online. However, this does not cause much surprise – the benefits of "live" TV is obvious – easy viewing, huge selection of channels (and, from all over the world) and, of course, the availability of new products, whether fresh news, another series favorite "soap opera" or sensational thriller. Whatever you say, but for online TV – future. Of course, the audience, "Telemann" more elderly will remain faithful to ordinary TVs. But all the younger generation, now can not imagine his life without a computer, certainly not in time just do not change their preferences, but also do everything possible to ensure that TV online has evolved and improved. After all, the ultimate dream of every modern man – to have everything at hand and, moreover, in a compact as is feasible now and for television. You no longer need to buy doroguschy TV home to the country, in the car, etc. Enough to buy a laptop – and replace it with a vengeance you all of the above. You will be aware of breaking news, even if going on a train or stuck in traffic. No longer have to regret, once again missed the series favorite series or the importance of a football match. From TV online life easier, and awareness of the events in the world – accessible. Pros online TV are obvious, the disadvantages …. Cons – None! Well, maybe consider disadvantage is that once you try to see "TV on your computer" you are no longer want to go back to the old method of viewing. Live TV will win your love and admiration from the first live broadcast of football matches, a live transmission or a long-awaited final series a favorite TV series!

The History Of Online TV

Total century ago, and earthlings would not have thought about the invention of Internet tv. Television opened a Russian scientist Alexander Zworykin. He first wrote a methodology for designing a kinescope – the progenitor of modern tv. Alexander could not work with the then existing policies, and therefore was forced to go abroad. But his methods were not in vain. A year later he became a scientist in one of the most famous technical universities the U.S., where he gathers a group of engineers. herrod Brown. A few years later in our teaching has several patents for inventions, the money from the U.S.

government to experiments. Tell rodrobnee of internet tv. It enables you to watch tv programs of different categories and even continents, that's for adults rather poznavatelno will look ctc online. Learn more about Online TV: its development is several years old, while the rate of information transfer network began to grow very rapidly. You can use a couple of opportunities for free access to tv programs – are the sites, free programs, with the help they can easily watch tnt online. However, there is special. tv – digital (digital), to use it, he should buy a digital tyuner.Na present Internet television is the developing trend in the media – tv broadcasts. In just a year and a half of 'Smotrunov', as well as Internet users tv broadcast tv network, has increased more than fivefold, which suggests that the popularity of online tv. Web site online tv Tv247.ru cites one very interesting study on the basis of which one can say that online television, along with satellite, terrestrial tv has become one of the main directions of transmission of tv signals. The popularity of virtual tv was analysis of queries in search engines Google, Yandex in the category of online tv. And if at the beginning of 2008, the number of requests for 'Internet TV' was negligible, but now, the end of 2009, the number was a huge and popular (by number) requests for radio, cable tv broadcasting combined!