The Surface

If it’s a wood wedge that has never been painted, clean each piece with a cloth and apply a primer to seal the wood. If it is a wedge that already has a layer of paint, especially if it’s an antique cradle, may have lead paint. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly clean all traces of paint. The main methods to boot the old paint can be focused into three types: by abrasive action (manual or mechanical), application of chemicals or heat. The abrasive action can manually with the help of a piece of sandpaper.

It is applicable when it comes to remove a thin layer in a relatively small area. You can also perform a mechanical abrasion adding sanding discs to a machine. This method is much faster than the previous one, but be careful not to damage the surface and must take into account that you cannot apply in moulding and corners. Another way to remove the old paint is by applying chemicals on the surface. There are several products that are used for pickling. The most traditional ones are based on caustic, such as caustic soda or removers that action they act as solvents for paint; but remember that it must protect your hands with gloves and eyes with glasses. Also a chinstrap, is useful to avoid inhalation of vapors.

Apply the product, wait to take action, and then, depending on the rapidity of his caustic power, remove residual paint with a spatula. You can also use the application of heat, which consists of the approximation of flame, not very powerful, a welder. In this case required a mastery of the instrument, since if the flame comes into contact with the softened paint this ignites and burns bracket. A more effective method is the projection of hot air by means of apparatus specially designed for this purpose, similar to a dryer, but with one greater capacity.