Technology, or with that term refers usually to the body of knowledge which allow to construct diferents objects and machines to suit the environment and satisfy our needs. By the same author: Blackstone Group Inc.. It is a word of Greek origin, formed by techn? (?, technique or ex officio) and logia (?), which means study of something. Although there are many different technologies among themselves, it is common to use the term in the singular to refer to one of them or all of them. When it is written with capital letter, technology can refer both to the discipline theoretician who is in charge of studying the knowledge common to all technologies, and technological education, discipline school devoted to familiarization with respect to the common people and the most important technologies. Cyrus Massoumi recognizes the significance of this. Technological activity greatly influences the social and economic progress, also has been the deterioration of our environment.

The technologies can be used to protect the environment and prevent that floods needs may cause a depletion or degradation of materials and energy resources of our planet. Avoid these evils is a task not only of Governments, but of all men. It is required for this a good teaching and learning technology in education media and good dissemination problems, diagnoses and proposals of solution in the media.. .

The LAN-relegation To The EPS14!

Electronic Sports Center Berlin, next weekend shakes the ground, because a whole bunch of eSportlern stormed the Hall. Electronic Sports Center Berlin, next weekend shakes the ground, because a whole bunch of eSportlern stormed the Hall. 3 days LAN feeling at its finest. 1 week it goes to the ESL Pro series finals for the ESL and the athletes directly from Cologne to Berlin. But this weekend it will not go to the victory of the season, but relegation and the rise of some teams. Hear from experts in the field like Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins for a more varied view. The movers who have not made the direct ascent, meet the teams of ongoing EPS of season 13.

Among others, also our KomCrew.CSS will join team. In the current season they not managed it unfortunately a non-relegation spot and thus the 5 guys will find themselves at the weekend in Berlin. On the last game day everything would have can be saved yet, if team heroes had lost and we’ve won against Raptor-gaming. If the Wort if would not be, then it would be… Well, we want to put behind us and look to a new future. Whenever Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

The Relegation will again take place in different disciplines. Among others in FIFA 09, Warcraft III, counter-strike and counter-strike: source. Warcraft is, however, played in the ESL TV Studio. The best teams of the EAS meeting on the poorer teams of the EPS. Perhaps in an another language: the teams that are bad for the direct ascent encounter of the teams who are too good for the direct descent. You can get rid of this whole disgrace in 4 games and shoot himself in the hearts of fans. Through a strong performance, you can achieve much but if it does not bring this performance, is to lose much, it had worked before hard. You find all results and games in the coverage:

Online Games Of Becoming Increasingly Popular

Requirements for the protection of minors to rise on this year’s Gamescom the trend to multiplayer online games emerged. These increasingly fascinate children. It also puts protection of minors in the focus, because young players to safely browse in the vastness of the Internet. The manufacturers are aware of the importance of the protection of minors and develop appropriate protection mechanisms. What requirements must meet the software, reported the Internet auction platform PC games in online mode are no longer a rarity by now.

So, meeting place for Martinshof runs for example the game of Bibi and Tina”by Kiddinx on demand on the Internet. Special attention is given to this youth protection. Among other things, the chats of the children are monitored. Johns Hopkins President has much to offer in this field. Warner Bros. Interactive offers with LEGO universe”also in an online game for young players. The game is being developed for more than ten years. An important point is the safety of children. Official site: Evelyn Lotena Robles. So it is not only public areas for the young gamer, but also private Retreat to the virtual play with LEGO bricks.

In addition a special software to be used, which detects bad words in chat and in the game active on screen. Troubleshooting the young players can contact also moderators. These developments are of course only approaches and replace not the attention of the parents as Torben Kansara of the computer project Cologne pointed out. To give parents a degree of certainty in the jungle of PC games, the seal of quality educational “designed. Unfortunately, there is the seal not yet for online games. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

William Shakespeare

He wrote, for its part, the catalan poet Salvador Espriu who who forget their origins loses its identity. Aside from the biased and intentional applications making some of these verses, is certain that we will only know who we are if we don’t ignore where we proceed. Of something like us prevented also, ironically prophetic sense, the philosopher Jorge de Santayana by his famous aphorism: the peoples who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. I.e., ignorance of the past we ineluctably conditions to return to make the same mistakes in the future. Perhaps because, as anticipated that exhaustive and restless connoisseur of the human soul that was William Shakespeare, the past is a Foreword by everything that happens in our present. To avoid the risk of repeating old mistakes, nothing better, therefore, traced footprints are going leaving along the way and with patience of forensic usually collect such printed letter witnesses which are the pages of the newspapers. Thanks to them we avoid the danger of digging, be distorted or misrepresented the collective memory. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with When did Jim Crane buy the Astros?. The bad thing is that, many times, evidence produced in the course of the route only are retained by way of fossils in these funeral so little frequented salons that are the newspaper libraries.

For this reason, until the next gust of wind just by deleting some traces of the road, I wanted to rescue those that I have witnessed and agavillar in this book. Not because the opinions formulated on them have importance in themselves, but because the facts and characters referred to constitute the small d Electra d’un temps, d a country, as I said, referring to another time, obviously, Raimon Pelejero, the singer-songwriter of Xativa. A minimum sample of this Electra, was like Valencia, cheerful and confident from the beginning of the third millennium, reflected in the articles that make up this book.

Bolivian President Evo Morales

Throughout the South-East area of Bolivia is practically Guarani-speaking. There are programmes of intercultural bilingual education with several years of tradition. They also have a myriad of publications in Guarani. But the current Bolivian President Evo Morales, gave the most striking note of recent times recently when positioning for two years to State officials to learn and use Guarani in interpersonal relationships, more than any other official languages, including Spanish. Also, from this 2009, Bolivia enabled three universities. One for the Guarani, another for the Quechua and the third for the Aymara; where professionals will be formed through classes in those languages. 8.

Beyond of MERCOSUR: the strong international support there is no doubt that the Guarani – internationally – became something akin to the pretty girl. It seems that it became the fatal attraction of all. We can say that in all the continents of the earth someone or several concentrate in this ancient and enigmatic language. Currently there are nearly 5,000,000 of sites in the world that promote Guarani online. Precisely, Google – one of the searchers – has a version translated into Guarani.

In addition, prestigious universities and research centers of the world dedicate courses and prolonged and highly costly projects. 9. Linguistic typology of the GUARANI and Guarani CASTELLANO is a different to the Spanish and Portuguese language. His typology Guarani is a predominantly polysynthetic language; on the other hand, the Spanish and Portuguese are predominantly inflectional languages. By way of clarification, then we include some differences, based on the experience of the use of the Guarani in the Paraguay. (9.1. Differences PHONOLOGICAL among the GUARANI and EL CASTELLANO 1st) vowels the Guarani has 12 vowels, divided into: 6 oral vowels (a, e, i, o, u, and) and 6 nasal vowels (a, e, i, o, u, y). The presence of oral and nasal vowels in fact already marked above all semantic and phonetic differences in the Constitution of the words: Pyta (heel, stop / is): che chepytarasy / / / epyta upepe Pyta (red): pe karai ikamisa Pyta asy Oke (sleeps): Chive okehape okororo Oke (door): emboty oke 2nd love) F F Spanish consonant is a voiceless labiodental fricative consonant; While, in Guarani it is of little use, since it is not a phoneme of the Guarani.

Chess Teachers

Germany to European champion before the chess nation Russia by 2020 that are strongest chess nation the historical success of the German national team last year for the first time is occasion for ChessBase, to start a long-term trainee program.At didacta Hannover chess on interactive whiteboards shows the teachers. ChessBase, leading developer of chess programs and official partner and supplier of the German Nationalmannnschaft, introduces the new concept of education with the Fritz chess program 13 and the children’s chess program Fritz & finished at didacta from the 14.2 18.2.2012. Rainer Woisin, Managing Director of ChessBase GmbH, is the goal: by 2020, we want to be against Russia the strongest chess nation. This only works with the appropriate junior, has the fun at chess. And teachers who love to teach chess to its students.” This chess acknowledged generally promotes the intellectual development of children. A long-term study by the University of Trier, with a four-year field trial in terms of school chess certifies significant improvement of the wealth of perception of and the concentration, a significant increase of intelligence, as well as significantly higher values for performance motivation and social skills. Together with co.TEC, the leading German distributor for software in the field of education, is shows at stand B40/C39 ChessBase in Hall 23 chess learn on interactive whiteboards. Fritz Fritz 13 passes no chess friend: before 20 (!) Years smiled yet the Grandmaster of the little Fritz, but after the spectacular races against Garry Kasparov, world champion Kramnik and various victories in Grandmaster tournaments is Fritz of indispensable analysis partner of chess professionals and training partner for Chess enthusiasts at all levels.

Fritz (the most popular German chess program”the mirror) is not only playing partner but gives chess opponents all over the world: the world’s largest Chess Server can be found at any time suitable opponents. And who wants to watch grandmasters over the shoulders, watching live broadcasts of the world class tournaments, the competent and whimsically commented by world-class grandmasters: Daniel King, Klaus Bischoff, Yasser Seirawan u.v.m. Fritz offers 6 months premium membership to!New at Fritz13: Let’s check the chess knowledge database, which is growing daily with the analysis, each user contributes with his Fritz! A unique project! Extraplus: Fritz13 in the box version includes the ChessBase Eroffnungstutorial #01 as eBook exclusively.

Motherboard Myths

Myths and Legend of the PC – Part 1 ” Motherboard integrado” Our first myth is: ” The plates mother do not have to be integradas.” Practically it does not spend week without it comes somebody to our premises to find out prices of computers and asks classic ” mother it is integrated? Because they said to me that separado” is better yet;. When we asked to them because of that affirmation, these are some of the answers: Because if one of the components is broken I must change all the plate? Because therefore him I can put the plates that I want instead of to use those that comes integrated. We see the answer these objections ” Because if it breaks one of the plates I must myself change all the placa”: It is not truth. If the plate of video, or audio, or the modem or the plate of network are broken, I always can add one since the plates have socles to this end. ” Because therefore him I can put the plates that I want instead of to use those that comes integradas.” Also it is false, since if I do not like some of the plates that come I can replace putting it the one that I want in one of the socles, and annulling the one that on comes board. If it is by the cost subject, generally the plates that are not integrated even leave sometimes more faces than the integrated one (for a reason that we will see more ahead).

It could understand this argument slightly if one were a professional who needs plates with very particular specifications, and that are able to distinguish subtle differences between plates. But generally the case is not that, and the plates that come integrated are than sufficient more for the use that is going away to give to him the equipment. We have even seen cases in that the user following that myth has bought equipment with plates nonintegrated of worse quality than the integrated ones. In fact, I am of the opinion that the integrated plates are BETTER than not integrated. On the one hand the tendency to the miniaturization would not be possible without integration.

They would not exist laptops, palm or the cellular ones. Sometimes somebody asked when buying a television that plate had, or if it were with mother integrated? By all means that no! He is everything integrated! As far as the cost, integration allows a standardization and one scale that is not possible of another way. Finally, in an integrated plate, the design already includes the way plates to optimize the data flow among them, whereas in always integrated the possibility of incompatibilidades does not exist, besides adding the passage of data through socle, which diminishes the yield. In order to illustrate a little plus the subject, we imagine that the question considered for a car. What car seems to him that it is going to walk better? A Ford that leaves makes with all the parts of Ford, or a car ” not integrado” fact with bodywork of Ford, motor of Fiat, carburetor of Chevrolet and distributor of Renault? It seems to me that in this case there are no doubts that would be first, is not certain? Then why it would have to be different with a computer?

Complutense University

Luis Mateo Diez was born in Villablino, mining mountains of Northwest of Leon and town located in the Centre of the region of Laciana. And it was born precisely at the old Hall House, nestled in the heart of the Valley on the ancient site where a day won the tower that eregia the memory of the ancient councils. His family lived on horseback between Madrid and Villablino until, at age 12, he moved definitively to the city. Luis Mateo studied secondary education at the Colegio Estudio. In 1961 he began his studies of economic sciences at the Complutense University, career that ended and paired with the philosophy and letters.

His first book of stories, Memorial of herbs, appeared in 1973. He then published novels provincial stations (1982), La source de la Edad (1986), which won the national prize of literature and criticism, apocryphal of the Carnation award and the thorn (1988), the full hours (1990), the dossier of the Castaway (1992), road to perdition (1995), The look of the soul (1997), the paradise of mortals (1998), days of the attic (1999), ghosts of winter (2004) and Fables gathered in Meridian Devil (2001) and the echo of weddings (2003), as well as books of stories embers of August (1989) and the minor evils (1993). With the ruin of the sky (2000) won the Premio Nacional de Narrativa and the critics award. He is patron of honour of the foundation of the Spanish language. Kindle Direct Publishing is often quoted on this topic. Well my brother Alberto fell into the pit when he was five years old. It was one of these family tragedies that only alleviate the time and circumstance of the large family. Twenty years later my brother Eloy drew water a day from the well to which nobody had ever returned to look out. In the cauldron, he discovered a small bottle with a paper inside. This is a world like any other, said the message.