The Light

Fourth. Light is known to extend a straight line. And in the space of light rays intersect in various ways. Levi’s may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However, the photons that make up the rays, in general, not interact with each other. Such an interaction between photons is possible only when the light beams are coherent. This puzzle too hard to explain, if we assume that the light flux of photons. And indeed rectilinear propagation of light is postulated as the law and has no rigorous justification.

Fifth. Photon, according to modern ideas, has neither mass nor charge. As he carries energy? The story that the photon no rest mass, but there is a relativistic mass, faces another obstacle. And, exactly. The theory of relativity says that the particle mass increases with velocity.

The speed of the photon, we recall, is as possible, and its weight in this case would have to rise indefinitely. Sixth. There is an optical phenomenon, as a reflection. In this case there are some incredible, from the perspective of a photon as a particle, phenomena. Imagine a semi-transparent mirror, which gives a beam of light. Part of the reflected, while the second passes through. What happens in this case with the photons? After studying optics, we understand that a photon, in this case, it would divided into two parts. And if there are no further obstacles, it would remain divided forever. If, however, put the halves on the road reflectors, the photon can be reunited again. According to the interpretation of each Dirac hypothetical photon is divided in half by a mirror and then flew simultaneously in both beams of light, as he will continue prointerferirovat with itself, taking into account both traveled routes, even if these sites are ways separated by great distances.