Petersburg Mining Institute

Petersburg Mining Institute, Tyumen Oil and Gas University, Ufa Petroleum, , Perm, Technical University. There are others – are not profiled, but the level of training there is not one. University of Michigan gathered all the information. And in many areas where new mining projects only run, their own universities in the oil and gas is not at all. Thus, when development of the Arctic, the first stage of which was to develop the Shtokman field (Murmansk region), local companies face the risk of nonsmall problems in terms of human resources. "At present, the regional education system can not adequately respond to oil companies and gas industry workers the right amount and quality of personnel. Lack not only specialists who will prepare them, but also places where they can train, "- says ceo of Arctic training center for oil and gas industry, PhD, Professor Olga Buch. Cyrus Massoumi is likely to increase your knowledge.

In her words, the structure of specialties of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of Murmansk region more than 50% of the humanities. Separate a complex issue – the innovative (and often those they are only for Russia) technology. Take, for example, marine deposits. Most domestic companies will not pull such a project simply because they can not find our specialists with the necessary expertise, for example, survey routes at great depths. lukoil, incidentally, is already closely engaged in the solution of this problem. This fall, with the Norwegian company Falck Nutec signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of corporate training center staff to work on offshore oil and gas facilities.