Are you paying what you are worth? Has anyone ever asked you that? Have you ever wondered? The answer to this question really depends on another question: "Do you work for a boss or you work for yourself?" If you work for a boss, the answer must be a resounding NO! You see, they can not pay what is worth it because your boss pays you what it's worth. a he or she then pays a discounted rate. For example, suppose your hourly rate is $ 12.00. You do your job and make a profit when the head is seen in the turnover and realize that you are really worth $ 25.00 per hour. The boss keeps the $ 13.00 "over-ride" on their services.

That is just like the head is to put all the money, taking all the risks and accept full responsibility for the viability of the company. Returning to the example above, if they were paid $ 25.00 per hour that are not profitable to his boss and has no meaning for him or her to retain their services. This simply can not make money from your efforts. When it comes to employment and occupation, there are basically two types of people: 1 – those who are employed, and 2 – those who work for themselves. Now, if you like the comfort zone of a day of five, nine to five working without responsibility for the viability of the company, which is fine. But what else? It seems that most people start to question their future employment prospects between the ages of 35-45. .