I regret not having them responsible that they also obtain about Sebastian. It is that we start in a manner so aimlessly. Just your mother learned the news by Caitlyn, I came to awaken. I dressed while your mother was called to the hospital to explain the situation and let know them that you would not go to work. Then I called the Consulate, but could not tell me and then I called my former colleagues on drafting and told them that, while I took the plane that would take me to the site of the incident, they did me the favor of find out where and how were you. Of course suit me the laptop with me. They sent me a mail.

I received it while they were on the plane. When I arrived in Istanbul I corrobore the news by phone. They guaranteed me that you were well. So I decided to rent a car to get here. I felt more relaxed and therefore I could handle. Now I would like to Ducharme and rest – said Boris.

-Not what is. Not be who is responsible for giving me the high – contesto Tati. Ask at reception. I guess that you know there tell us-. The receptionist called the doctor on call to explain the situation. It was the same doctor who had been with them in the morning. He told her that they were to see what guard service to be able to assess the situation. When Tati arrived at la guardia, the doctor wanted to be sure that everything was okay with regard to pregnancy and made him a new ultrasound. He then re-checked your blood pressure and to check that everything was in order, signed him discharged. Before you leave the hospital, they found out where could staying and went to that place. They decided to have dinner first, then Boris and Natasha withdrew to rest. Ruth and Tati were chatting until wee hours of the morning. They had decided to share a hotel room. They were deeply asleep. When the next morning Natasha came to wake them, cost him work get both opened their eyes. After breakfast Boris proposed a tour of the city. Tati said to his father that when they had chosen that destination for your honeymoon, they thought to go to Cappadocia, because she wanted to go all religious sites in the area. -I had a long interest in those churches that had been erected as buildings, not dug into the rock, or rather, in calcareous tuffs unique in the world. All of them were then decorated with frescoes – Tati explained to his parents. Then the beauty of the beaches and the comforts of the hotel, we had liked so much that we decided to leave it for another chance. Not seem ironic – asked Tati with tears in his eyes, that was precisely the tranquility of the place one of the main reasons for what we did this tour of Cappadocia? If we had decided to do so, perhaps not we would have been in the hotel day which the events occurred. And look at that has transformed this tranquility-! -Don’t you torment more daughter – said Boris. Things happen and it was the q