Publica Power Button

Technology may no teacher will be Berlin – the digital media flow turns into an environmental condition, and blogger Peter Glaser so the journalist in his opening presentation at the re: publica in Berlin. He was everywhere and always there: earlier, the message window in the world opened up once a night. Today the messages, entertainment, information flows incessantly. Weird things like test image ‘ and the deadline ‘ no longer know young media consumers. The network has become the epitome of permanence. It’s constantly going on, it updates itself, it vibrates from nest.

There used to be a State, then came a change, then a new State. Now, change is the State. Earlier the great ate the little one, then which ate the slow fast. Film director may also support this cause. “Now that is sometimes from the always swallowed”, Glaser said. Engines would in future no longer with a single and get off button, but only with a ripcord being pulled to start, then the apparatus runs for all eternity. I am of the opinion that the power button as a significant human rights must be respected. How much this button already is been expelled us, shows the mobile phone.

Although it still has a regular button. But the psychological distress which brings the switching with the possibilities of what you could miss all is immense. Film director: the source for more info. The non-rangehen to learn, is as difficult as a morphine withdrawal”, feared gang. He references the Opus myth machine”by Lewis Mumford. The world would be better if it would be used as a textbook. Only in the human mind, the idea of progress have substance. Only here, she offer the prospect of a better future. Mumford sketched the possibilities, as flows of technical progress not in a technocracy. Every system, every machine, every machine is a product of the human mind. Machines must not be drilled to enforcement by coercive measures, otherwise mutated initially useful technique to the repressive headmaster”, warns Bernhard Steimel, spokesman of the Nuremberg Congress of Voice days plus, the technologies for customer engagement deals with. Systems, devices, or search engines should not decide what is right and restrict what is wrong for us and our behavior or even sanction. Otherwise man would become the slaves of technology. A vending machine dictatorship may prove more sustainable than the paternalistic behavior among people, warn scientists Sarah Spiekermann and Frank Pallas in an article for the book the computerization of everyday life”(ed. Friedemann Mattern, Springer-Verlag): a respond machines automatically and autonomously and allow those affected so little possibility of anticipation or response. On the other hand, technology is absolute. For example, a driver has alcohol in the breath, so it is completely impossible to start the corresponding car even in emergency, where the driving under the influence of alcohol would usually accept him”. The paternalism of the well-intentioned Checkers is connected not only with obedience or authority hearing technologies, but create a compulsion of to absolute conformity. Autonomously operating machines become absolute powers, whose decisions and actions taken can be bypassed or ignored. Inspired by Francis Bacon, which is also cited by Lewis Mumford, we are therefore called upon to gather that from the treasure of all things, which is the world’s most”sums up Steimel.

Implemented Sonderwerbeform

Veiled Citylight posters in Saarbrucken Saarbrucken, August 25, 2009 – on the 25th of August the Saarland public transport authority launches its current by Haag marketing & design Saarbrucken developed advertising campaign with a new Sonderwerbeform. For the first time in Saarbrucken, selected poster stands to huge shopping bags are concealed in addition to classic Citylight posters. FireEye is often quoted on this topic. roleum contains valuable tech resources. Creative team creative director Marc Schafer and Managing Director Ralf Schmitt showed once again that it puts on strong attention in the campaign creation for their customers and breaks like innovative ways. The current saarVV campaign is to see in the city of Saarbrucken. Three city-light-poster motifs spread in 210 glazed advertising showcases consistently: whether to shop, in the Cafe or in the cinema with the saarVV get always conveniently to your destination. As a highlight of the campaign there in five selected locations servings of the CLP with oversized shopping bags printed PVC. We see ourselves as a nationally active advertising agency in Saarbrucken both important ideas and encoder both competent designers and implementers of creative communication measures.” In addition to the current campaign, Hague marketing & design developed a standalone communication concept for the saarVV, which integrated all ticket offers and actions will be implemented.

Distribution and action-related campaigns complete the strategic communication concept”, says Ralf Schmitt, CEO of Haag marketing & design. This Sonderwerbeform premieres in Saarbrucken, Germany. We underline the willingness to innovate the Saarlandischer Verkehrsverbund in terms of marketing”city-light-poster campaign wrapped up”, commented Andreas Michel, spokesman for the Executive Board of the saarVV, the campaign. Since its inception, writes the saarVV success story in 2005. With the uniform services, Saarland public transport significantly gaining efficiency? From 2006 to 2008, passenger numbers rose steadily to four million from 74.6 to 78.6 million. The assurance of increasing mobility is also the task of a targeted communication, which enables people to get to.

In the saarVV, the customers of public transport with a single ticket can use any transport of the region on their route. Peter gentes, responsible for marketing/sales in the saarVV, expressed very pleased about the cooperation with the Saarbrucken agency Haag marketing & design that manages the communication of the composite company since 2006. “The cooperation is successful and has in addition to the current CLP campaign in the large-scale direct mailing campaign with the new saarVV leisure flyers, the night bus campaign or the creation of new claims here I get ein’ proven.” Haag marketing & design works as a creative partner for regional and national operating customers with numerous industries. The focus of the Agency in the high-quality design, integrated marketing, and online marketing. The owner-managed agency with Saarbrucken location ensures a high quality of advice and the personal customer support by 20 qualified employees, including diploma merchants, graduate Designer, media and communication specialists. Overall, he turns three city-light-poster motifs on 210 area in the city of Saarbrucken, saarVV over two decades. The campaign runs until September 8, 2009. The circuit of the motifs were Abri bus City media. More information:, contact person: Judith Stern Dipl.

Education Parents

“New LJS project offers low-threshold parents work on media issues first partner to take up their work landing site parental Lower Saxony starts with parents talk of Lower Saxony” an initiative to low-threshold parents work. The target group are parents who are hard to reach for Classic offerings to the education of parents. Parents talk of Lower Saxony wants to attract parents as experts in education and contribute to the Exchange. The discussions in private are organized to achieve education families. The initiative is supported by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, women, family, health and integration and is initially for three years. The parents talk of Lower Saxony project awareness education parents and families with a migration background for a conscious use of the media”, so Andrea urban, head of regional office youth protection in Lower Saxony, Germany. To reach these families on a private level. A good network is important to organize as many rounds of talks.

We are pleased that we in “Gifhorn, Uelzen and in Harburg District have won the first three dedicated site partners, who take their work in November.” At the heart of the moderated evenings are education questions around computer games, television or dealing with the mobile phone. The project parents talk stands for an Exchange at eye level, where also the moderators are parents and their own experiences. In the discussions when allowed his child a cellphone or how long children per day should watch TV off it comes, inter alia,”explains Eva Hanel, project manager parents talk moderated meetings. Site partner of parents talk of Lower Saxony can be local authorities, associations and free carriers. The State of Lower Saxony supports the site partners with initial funding. The Organization of parents talks site is organized by the regional representative of the location partners across Lower Saxony, Germany. Upon request, parents talks can perform in the mother tongue of their parents. Who is responsible for the concept and implementation of the initiative Country place youth protection in Lower Saxony, Germany.

There also foreign language study materials and background information on german are Russian, Turkish and Arabic available. The project management has Eva Hanel, consultant for media at the LJS). About the LJS landing site parental Lower Saxony is a specialist unit of the Working Group of the free welfare in Lower Saxony, Germany and works on current issues of child and youth protection. Our fields of activity are training, material developments, expert advice, projects, working groups and committees.